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Welcome to “Aftonly” – a lifestyle blog with a heart the size of Texas and a New York state of mind. This is a place for me to share my life, my passions, my recipes and my business with the world. I’m so pleased to have you here!

Let’s Get Personal…

My name is Coty and I’m a Texan living in NYC. I love Texas with my whole heart, but the second I got to New York, I knew I was “home.” I never imagined I’d be here, much less enjoy it, but here we are; myself, my husband – Wade, my daughter – Jayne, and my son – Eli. When I gave up every sense of security I had in Texas, I found myself here; literally and figuratively (you can read all about that *HERE*) and I’m so excited to share with you.


The Nitty Gritty…

  • I’m a Taurus
  • I hate running, but I make myself do it
  • I work for free yoga
  • I love mashed potatoes and my mom’s broccoli casserole (recipe here)
  • Afton is a family name dating back to the 15th century
  • I’m obnoxiously early for EVERYTHING

Want to know more? Just ask. I’d love to chat. Find me on Instagram: @cotygraf