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Well, I wore some see-through yoga pants to hot yoga the other day. I realized my unfortunate wardrobe choice as I was in a high, right lunge with my right shoulder under my right leg, hands out-stretched, in airplane. I was feeling pretty good about the whole situation. Scratch that – I was downright impressed with myself and wanted to check out my yoga awesomeness in the mirror and – BAM! Flesh colored thigh peaking through my black leggings. God bless the person who was behind me. That’s how the universe works though, isn’t it?! The second we let our damn egos in the way, we get checked. Just like that. This is a sensitive subject for me; as a mom, as a woman in business and as a wife – HECK, just as a human being trying to get the most out of life. I struggle with this “My way is the best way” thinking – I can do it better/faster/stronger/fill-in-the-blank-er than whoever just did it.

Often, this gets referred to as “competitive.” I know, in my heart, that doesn’t accurately describe what’s going on. I know it’s a problem when I find myself “competing” for everything. When I let those thoughts and feelings drive me, nothing positive comes from it. It sucks the joy out of any accomplishment because I immediately search out the next person I can “beat.” I only get better when I compete with myself. I get bitter when I compete with other people. #truth

See-through pants, or not, I’m just glad that, every once in a while, I’m reminded that I’m a total head-case and I shouldn’t be looking to compete or compare with anyone else. Now, back to work on that Eka Pada Koundinyasana I. Namaste.


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