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All those words have so much in common (starting with “s,” meaning “rest”) with each other and nothing in common with me. I don’t really even know what to call it any longer. It’s been so long since I’ve slept – like, a full night’s slumber – restful, rejuvenating, relaxing sleep. I have come to dread bed time, which is quite odd considering I spend most of my days wishing I could crawl back into bed. This story is nothing new. You’ve heard it a million times from a million different parents. I get it. I know I signed up for it, too. BUT, for the love of all that is good in the world, could I please just sleep?

No. Okay. Cool. I’ll just continue forgetting my name and wearing 2 different shoes.

Even though sleep was as easy to come by as a unicorn, we had a pretty magical weekend! On Saturday, I had an appointment in the city. Wade took the kids to Jayne’s dance class. When I got home, we made an impromptu decision to go see Disney on Ice…IN JERSEY. It was amazing – Disney on Ice…not Jersey. We got to watch the show from a suite, which was really nice since Wade and I just wanted to nap anyway. The chairs were big and comfy. The kids were thoroughly entertained and it only took us 2 hours to get home. Y’all. it’s like 12 miles from home. That is insane. Anyway, we went to church on Sunday and walked to Bryant Park in the rain. We went ice skating and browsed the shops. It was absolutely perfect. Jayne had so much fun on the ice and wants to take ice skating lessons now.

We’ve got another crazy week coming up, but I’ve started cooking again, so that’s fun! Cooking has always been relaxing for me. Turkey meatloaf is on the menu for dinner tonight…perfect for this gray, chilly day! Hope everyone has a blessed week.

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