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I’m sitting next to Wade’s hospital bed. He just had sinus surgery and he’s in recovery…being more of a smartass than normal. There’s a little kid across the room from us and I just can’t imagine having to go through any type of surgery with a little one. Definitely harder on the parents from what I can tell by watching.

I pray that we don’t have anything like this in our future and I pray for the full health and vitality of our sweet Jayne and Eli. Gosh, they are amazing. Every. Single. Day.

We have been incredibly blessed thus far.

Tomorrow, Wade has his follow up with Dr. Edelstein and I have a 2 month check-up right after. It will be a fun date day in the city…Ha!  FUN! He’ll be in pain and I’ll be escorting him around. Party.

Alright, just wanted to check in cause it’s been a second.


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