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I’m definitely still learning. How about you?!?

It seems that just when I feel I have a firm grip on life and what I can expect as “normal” it suddenly changes. I don’t want to say this in a way that insinuates that life happens to me, or come off as a victim of circumstance because sometimes, I am the instigator and sometimes, things are just out of my control, but nevertheless, they change and so must I.

I figure, as painful as change/mistakes can be, they ALWAYS represent an opportunity for growth. The older I get, the more quickly I am able to calm myself and find peace in knowing that I will be stronger once the “storm of the moment” has passed; no matter where it came from. If only, I could go back and teach my 16-year-old self that! It’s also important to note that I now have a good understanding that storms are only temporary and the do, indeed, pass. I have yet to come across or put myself in a situation that didn’t lead to resolution, triumph, or growth; no matter how painful.

All that peace of mind is great and everything (especially when you’re fresh off of a bonehead mistake), but I think you only get that when you have loving and forgiving/empathetic friends and family around you. Thankfully, I do…everywhere I turn.

Since I returned from my trip to New Orleans, things have mostly settled back down. I’ve spent the whole week at home though, and I’m going a little stir-crazy. It will be nice to get back to regular business next week and put the snow storm of the century, Jonas, behind us. I miss my windshield time. It’s the best time for thinking and I don’t have the guilt of feeling worthless at my job like I do when I have 5 office days in a row because I’m actually working when I’m driving…technically.

That’s all I got for now.


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