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Miss Jayne just loves her puppies!  She lovingly opens her mouth to receive their kisses…I know, I know, but what can you do?

She squeals for their attention when she’s in her bouncer and sticks out that pouty, bottom lip when mommy makes them go away.  It’s been really awesome to watch her get to know her fierce protectors. 

They love her too.

On bad nights, Archie camps out in her room right next to her crib.  Her blood-curdling screams and crying can’t keep him away.  He has to make sure his baby is well taken care of.  Mack nervously prances around Jayne at all times to make sure that we are seeing to her appropriately.  If Jayne cries in another room and I don’t go to her right away, Mack stares me down.


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