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This baby is growing so quickly.  We took a very quick trip to Ohio and she came home sitting up with 2 teeth!

We left Wednesday evening and she was terrible on the plane for about 15 minutes and then she fell asleep and was totally fine.  We landed at about 1:30 Thursday morning and got to our destination at 2:45.  Thursday was a really long day, but a day that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  Jayne got to meet her great-grandma Miller and great-grandma and great-grandpa Graf.  She was so happy and playful and I just beyond thankful that wanted to “show off” for them.
She really was a trooper and we were so proud to have everyone meet her.  On Friday we had a surprise birthday dinner for Wade and that was awesome.  We had more family stuff on Saturday and we drove to Detroit on Saturday night, absolutely exhausted.  Wade left for DC early Sunday morning and Carolyn and I caught our flight with Jayne in the early afternoon.  She did GREAT!  
We were very happy to be home and have grandma Nancy waiting for us.  She spent the night last night so I could get us unpacked and ready for the week.  Wade gets home Tuesday and I think that’s when it will really feel like we’re home.
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