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It’s been a while…

It’s been crazy…


Jayne is growing up so quickly.  She laughs, smiles, holds up her head and is just the coolest thing on the planet.  I’m so lucky to be her mom.

We’ve been having a real blast every single day (now that’s she’s sleeping through the night).  This just started this week and it doesn’t mean that we sleep through the night.  Someone still has to put the paci back in her mouth before she opens those peepers at 3am and the dogs think that when the moon comes out, that’s their chance to catch up on attention-getting.

To get that baby to sleep, I’ve worked out an ingenious plan.  She always hits her paci with her hands and knocks it out.  That wakes her up and, subsequently, me and/or Wade.  So, I do the double paci trick.  I take her plain paci and put that in her mouth.  When she’s got a good hold on that, I prop it up with her giraffe, monkey or bevo paci to hold it in.  When she goes to grab at her mouth, she grabs the animal and just continues dreaming whatever baby dreams she’s having. 

The new song I sing to her is:

She’s always smile because her puggles make her laugh…she’s Jayne Afton Graf. 

She likes it.  Bath time is her favorite.  She loves to splash around in the water and she hates when it’s over.  Her Mesopotamia (hemangioma) is getting better or, at least it isn’t growing.  Either way, she is the prettiest little girl I’ve ever laid eyes on and I love having spit-up on my clothes and burp cloths in my bed. 

Oh, how life has changed?!?

She rides around on my chest and she loves to face front.  It was a big deal to go from facing me to looking out at the world.  I wonder what she sees that interests her.  It’s just a small step toward growing up, but so exciting to think that she’s beginning to interact with the world in her own way. 

We have a busy weekend ahead…a birthday party, church and dinner with one of Wade’s clients.  Of course, Jayne’s along for the ride.  That means I’ve got a bag packed that will barely fit into the car!!!


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