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and Mapes’ and Kaptain’s and we’re gonna get through this together!

We had a very successful weekend even though the Terminix guy fell through our ceiling and didn’t actually terminate any bugs in the process.  That happened on Saturday, but let’s start at the very beginning…Friday.

I took Jayne up to my office to meet my co-workers and to attend my boss’ retirement party.  Everyone loved her even though she pooped through her diaper, onesie and pants.  My boss was hilarious.  I had to take her clothes off and he was like, “Well, she came to party!”

That finished around 1PM and I met John and Lauren at the house at 1:15.  The visited this weekend and it was so great to see them and for them to meet Jayne.  They stayed for a couple of hours and then came over with Bob and Nancy for dinner later that evening.  We ordered take out and just sat around and chatted.  It really was great!  Unfortunately, nobody slept well that night.

Saturday morning was the terminix ordeal and that was just unbelievable.  We were exhausted and it was just one more thing to deal with.  What a pain?!?  We went to bed VERY early Saturday night because we had a VERY busy day on Sunday with family brunch, church, and Jayne’s dedication.  I was really nervous about the day because it was going to be so long, but things went well. 

We left the house for brunch at Brio in Southlake at 9:30ish.  It started sleeting and snowing on our way there.  It’s crazy because Saturday was like 80 degrees!  Anyway, everyone came to brunch and it was so nice to be with the entire family.  I am always so thankful that our parents get along so well.  Between divorced parents and in-laws interacting we are just so blessed.  I am always shocked when people say that they don’t do family gatherings because their in-laws don’t get along with their parents or their divorced parents won’t even be in the same room. 

We made it safely to church, but it was freezing!  I finally got to go into the “nursing mothers’ room” at church and it’s awesome in there.  It feels like an exclusive, private club…and now, I’m a card-carrying member.  After church everyone stuck around for the dedication.  Pastor Tom Layne, the pastor who married us, dedicated Jayne and it was just a short, sweet service.

This weekend was so special to us.  Obviously, Jayne getting to meet her only aunt and uncle was a huge deal; the dedication was important, but it was a huge confidence boost to us, as parents, to be able to get through such a long day.  We were able to do that because of our family and, well, we get through things TOGETHER!

To top it all off, Wade got a snow-day on Monday so he was able to spend some more precious time with Jayne.  Monday afternoon, John and mom came by so John could say goodbye to Jayne (Lauren left on Sunday) and John got to feed her…so sweet!  That evening, Wade and I went to meet Jayne’s babysitter, Mrs. Donna.  I know she’ll be fine there, but it seems like she’s growing up so darn fast!

That’s all I got for now!


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