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Welp, I'm at Arlington Memorial. I started bleeding a lot this evening and I passed another clot. I had passed a large one earlier this week and called the ob's office, but they told me not to worry and that it was normal. Tonight was different though. There was/is so much blood and the clot was massive. Wade called his parents and had them come over while I called the hospital to see if I should come in. Again, they said it sounded normal. I got cleaned up, Wade called off the Graf's (who were already practically at the house) and we got in bed. About 10 minutes later, the floodgates opened; another clot and and a steady, heavy stream of blood.

I had Wade call the Graf's again, stuffed a towel up my nightgown and we headed to Arlington Memorial because I didn't think it was safe to go all the way to Grapevine with that amount of blood. We got through triage, I had an ultrasound and got some pain meds.

After a couple of hours and an inconclusive ultrasound, I had a pelvic exam. The doctor was checking them amount of blood and for more clots. There was a lot more blood and a clot. Once the doctor left the room, the nurse asked me if I has seen the clot. I said "no" and she asked if I wanted to see it because it was the size of a heart! I saw it and it was.

So, I'm sitting here waiting to be admitted for monitoring and a possible procedure to remove a part of the placenta that May or may not still be inside me.

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