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This is not the update that I had planned.  I woke up at 11PM with a terrible headache.  I took the Norco that I was prescribed and writhed in agony for a few hours until I started to puke.  At about 1:30AM, I called the on-call nurse at my OBGYN.  I felt so guilty, but my head was pounding and I was vomiting and had diarrhea.  It was the right thing to do. 

She told me to go to Labor & Delivery so I woke up Wade and we headed out the door right before 2AM.  I have truly never had a headache that bad.  There was nothing I could for relief and the nausea was terrible.  On the way to the hospital I had Wade pull over so I could puke, but there was not drop of hydration left in me.  When we arrived I could barely hold up my head to check in.  They took me to triage and got me set up on a monitor and started fluids through an IV. 

It took a while and some puking into bag on the hospital bed before I got nausea and pain meds; finally the elusive sleep that I had been longing for.  Not really, but at least I was able to get some sleep.  It felt like I was awake and having conversations with people in the room, but I don’t think I was.  Wade said that I asked to check if my ears were still pierced at one point so I was definitely out of it.  My head still pounded, but at least I wasn’t puking anymore.  Well, I guess I wasn’t drinking any more either.  Anyway, I got pain meds a few times throughout the night and when I could keep down some apple juice they were happy to discharge.

We left at 10AM, dropped off a prescription on the way home and picked up some Gatorade.  My head is still pounding, but I’ve been working and I’m way to stressed to relax right now.  It’s tough with my whole company being in Puerto Rico (where there was an earthquake on Monday) and making sure I feel like I’m contributing.  It’s just a tightrope walk that is starting to wear on me. 

Since Dr. Gagnon saw me in the hospital (instead of at my regularly scheduled 8:45 appointment), I’ll have a follow-up on Friday.  I’ll do another blog after that to keep you posted.  Until then, pray for restful sleep and comfort for me…please 🙂


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