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Happy New Year!

What a fantastic past 365 days we’ve had?!?  However, it’s hard not to be really excited about what the next 365 have in store for the Graf’s.  We are officially calling this month “Jayne-uary” in hopes that Jayne Afton will make her debut before the 31st.  As of right now, I feel that would be the nicest gift anyone could give me.

Last night we went to Del Frisco’s in Dallas for NYE.  We had a great meal…just the two of us!  It actually wasn’t that great, but it was awesome to go out and have some time for just us after the craziness of the holidays.  We made it home in time to watch the ball drop and celebrated the new year with the puggles and lots of kissies.  They were actually kinda put out that we woke them up for that nonsense.

While we were at dinner we talked about highlights of the year and, obviously, finding out we were pregnant gets the top spot.  Other notables were John and Lauren’s wedding in Idaho, our trip to Houston, our trip to Ohio, the baby shower, building the nursery, paying off debt, tithing and celebrating our first year of marriage.

There were a couple of lowlights, of course, (which will not be mentioned) but we’re ready to move forward and be amazed, challenged, humbled and blessed by what God will put in our path this year.  I think we want to get pregnant again (pretty quickly), we want to finish paying off all debt, and join a small church group.  Certainly, our goals extend beyond all of that and we have plenty of individual goals for ourselves, but that’s not a bad start.  After all you can’t go on a great adventure without a plan!

Now, for the pregnancy update:

This is miserable.  My hands and feet hurt so bad.  I really am having to pee every 5 minutes.  I moan and groan so much that I’m getting tired of hearing my own voice (poor Wade), but we had an awesome shower a couple of weeks ago (pics coming soon) and we have another one coming up next weekend!  We are so blessed by loving family and friends.  Miss Jayne is coming into this world with the best support system she (or any of us) could ever imagine.  And, yes, that includes the puggles.


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