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The hormones are here.  I think I cried 5 times on Saturday…irrationally.  It’s insane.  I just can’t help it.  These crocodile tears come out of nowhere and I have no control.  Poor Wade has been so sweet and patient with me. 

Yesterday, I had a big meeting and I was saving this pair of maternity pants for that day.  I bought them a month ago and avoided wearing them because I wanted them to be perfect for this meeting.  Of course, I tried them on about 3 times a week because I actually really love them.  They are black leather and as cool as maternity pants can get.  Don’t tell anyone, but if I can swing it, I’ll be wearing them post maternity (they are THAT cool).  Anyway, I’m in the closet getting dressed while Wade is shaving and I’m talking about my upcoming meeting and putting on my pants. 

They split.  Right up the middle.  It was almost a total crisis, but Wade got me calmed down and more importantly, laughing in record time.  He helped me find a new decently professional outfit and I made it out the door.  Seriously, he saved the day.

I called the company to return the pants and they were really nice.  The torn ones are going back today and new ones are on their way. 

Okay, I hope everyone has a great day.  Some day soon, I’ll get Wade to take a pic of my big old belly for your viewing pleasure.  It’s getting massive.


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