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I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a decent post here.  Things are just in fast-forward at the Graf home!  There’s a lot of working, a lot socializing and a lot of errands.  It’s just been absolutely crazy.

Somehow, in the craziness, I made some time to join  I’ve been contemplating working on my family tree for some time…like 3 years…and finally got around to it.  I just did the free trial and I was amazed by how far back I was able to get and the type of information that I discovered.  On my mom’s side I got back to the 1500’s.  I found out that my family founded Davenport, Iowa and I found several pictures of great grandparents as children.  I was also surprised to find out that my middle name, “Afton” (also Jayne’s) goes back much further than I thought.

It was a bit more difficult on my dad’s side.  In fact, I’d still call that a work in progress, but I’m slowly making headway and I’ve come across some very neat photos and information on that side as well.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get to the Graf side soon!

In baby news:

She’s growing.  I think I gained 4 lbs in 4 days this week!!!  Probably half of that is water, but that’s a lot of weight!  I’m not quite feeling as awesome as I was before.  I am so tired and achy all the time.  My back hurts constantly and sleeping isn’t the paradise that it used to be.  I almost dread it because it’s so difficult to get comfortable and actually fall asleep for more than a couple of hours at a time.

We found a pediatrician this morning.  That is a big relief.  I don’t think we asked him any good questions, but he was recommended by Dr. Gagnon, he was funny and very direct.  We liked him.  We’re going with him.

A little more happens in the nursery every week.  It’s more of the detailed things now like drawer knobs and picture frames, but I get excited every time we add something! 

We had dinner on Wednesday night with some church friends that just moved here from San Francisco.  They are actually German opera singers…it was a night of very interesting conversation and I was thankful we got out of there without having to watch their performances of “Marriage of Figaro.”  I kid, I kid.  We had a great night with them and enjoyed hearing all about their 8 week old baby girl, Lillian.  It’s crazy to think that we’ll have an 8 week old baby in a few months!!!

Halloween came and went without much fare around here.  That’s probably the last year for that!  I can’t wait to dress up Miss Jayne and take her trick or treating!!! Now, we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve to look forward to before Miss Jayne makes her grand entrance!


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