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It’s been quite the month for activities.

Baseball has been very busy.  Family has been very busy.  Jayne has been very busy (even though she doesn’t really know it). And, lastly, home has been very busy.

We finish up our last church, baby class tonight.  We’re both very excited about that.  Although the classes have been great, we can’t wait to get our Sunday’s back!  Neal and Carolyn are settled in and we are expecting a visit from Wade’s Aunt Bonnie next weekend.  It should be pretty laid back…depending on how the Rangers play today and next week (hopefully).  Jayne is definitely on the move.  She’s not moving far, obviously, but she’s moving a lot.  I’ve been moving a lot too.  I’ve been walking about 18-20 miles a week and I’ve been doing a lot of stretching too.  It feels great!

I spent this Friday at the house getting caught up with cleaning, laundry, errands, etc.  We’ve been so busy and tired from moving Neal and Carolyn that we had kinda let our house go.  It felt good to mop and do a thorough cleaning, well, it didn’t actually FEEL good to do it, but it felt good to have it done.  The whole time I was cleaning, I was thinking, “How is this ever gonna happen when I’m working and the baby is here?” 

It will be interesting that’s for sure.  I’m not one to just let things go and I can see myself getting overloaded really quickly.  I guess we’ll find out when we get there.  Every day things get a little heavier, or my body moves a little less readily and so I figured that these thoughts, paired with my new limitations are my body’s way of putting me through basic training.  I sure am glad that I have such a wonderful husband and family to help me out!

I’ve got a busy week of travel and jury duty (YUCK!) ahead. 


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