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We woke up at 5AM to catch the 5:30 shuttle to the airport for our 7AM flight to Salt Lake City, which is where we’d catch another flight to Detroit.  Things didn’t quite work out though.

Everyone loaded onto the prop plane and as we were doing so, the flight attendant seemed really nervous about being able to get all of the luggage on board.  Another man that seemed to be an engineer was sharing some of his frustrations with her at the front of the plane saying that we were too heavy and there’s no way that he’s going to let us leave…

The conversation ended with him saying that he’s had it with Delta.  They’re always over-booking flights and they’re having to give people lots of cash to compensate them for being bumped from a flight. At this point, we’re already late and really pushing our connection in Salt Lake. 

Nobody felt real comfortable at that point.  5 minutes later, the flight attendant, who had been in the cockpit, runs out yelling, “STOP!  TELL THEM TO STOP FUELING!”

Apparently, the plane which was already overweight because of being overbooked with bodies who added extra luggage was even more weighed down by this excess fuel.  The angry man came on board and said he’d offer compensation for 2 volunteers to take a later flight.  After this comedy of errors, Wade and I had no problem volunteering to get the heck off of that plane.

We were give $1,100 and a flights that would get us into Detroit at 9PM instead of 2PM.  It would make for a long a day, but it was the right choice.  I must say, it was really nice to finally land in Detroit:

We got shuttled to our rental car place and arrived at our next destination, the home of Paul & Katie Harmon in Perrysburg, Ohio at 11:30PM.  We were beat, but one of their dogs, Bailey, took a liking to us and cuddled with us all night:

Paul is one of Wade’s childhood friends and it was great to spend time with him, his wife, Katie and their 6 month old son Brayden.  Katie is pregnant also, so I felt right at home there.  So did Wade:

On Friday morning, I got up and walked about 3 miles.  I am always amazed by the corn fields, but saddened when I see these signs:

It’s GMO corn.  In fact, I was reading that 90% of our corn is now GMO.  YUCK!

Anyway, Wade and I spent the day driving to Wauseon to see his grandparents, Lloyd & Shirley.  We sat with them for a bit and went over to Tiny’s Dairy Barn, the popular burger place in town.  We got our food to go and ended up having a final meal in Carolyn and Neal’s home on Hemlock Street.

That was the first of 3 hot dogs for me that day.  We drove back to Perrysburg to be at Paul and Katie’s house in time for a BBQ that they were hosting since Wade was back in town.  There were about 5 other couples there and we had a great time.  The guys played cornhole and the girls chatted.  Some friends even brought over baby gifts, which was so sweet!

Wade golfed again on Saturday morning and Katie and I got pedicures and manicures.  It was so great.  The Bauman/Kennel wedding was at 3PM so, by the time the guys got back from golf, we had to rush to get ready for the nuptials.  Brett Bauman was another friend of Wade’s when he was growing up and that was our main reason for going to Ohio.  I wasn’t sad about the prospect of getting wedding cake 2 Saturday’s in a row either!

Okay, so the wedding was at a church in Perrysburg and the reception was at Bowling Green State University.  It was great to see all of our Ohio friends.  There is no doubt that the guys had a wonderful time. 

Both, Katie and I, were beat though.  We left early and Paul and Wade stayed out.  They got home around 1:30AM and they had a fantastic time.  Sunday morning, I went to Meijer (my new fav store) and bought the makings for breakfast tacos.  I came home to the Harmon’s, cooked up the tacos and before I knew it, we were loading up the car to head to the airport.

We had a relatively uneventful flight home and boy, were we happy to finally get there?!?  Carolyn had cleaned the house and it was just great to see the dogs and know that we’d be on solid ground for a while.  We slept like babies.  Now, it’s Tuesday and vacation seems like it was a million years ago!


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