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It certainly doesn’t feel like I’m pregnant.  I keep looking at those two blue lines in disbelief.  When I imagine myself holding a baby, it takes my breath away.  I am so excited.

We had our first OBGYN appointment on Tuesday.  We are seeing Dr. Gagnon.  He delivered my brother and my Mom used to work for him. Everyone is the office is so friendly and it’s a very welcoming place.  Unfortunately, not a lot happened.  I had a blood test, we talked to the doctor and did a sonogram, but it’s so early we could only see the gestational sac.  
Even though we haven’t heard our sweet angel’s heart beat yet, we are going to go ahead and tell our family on Father’s Day weekend.  The parents will find out at a cook-out at our house on Saturday and we’ll call/visit grandparents on Sunday.  We’re going to hold off on telling friends until 10 weeks.  We have another appointment on Tuesday, June 18th and hopefully, we’ll heart the heartbeat then.
I will say that I’m having to pee every 20 minutes.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m really tired.  I could sleep all day every single day.  I can smell everything and have started to have a little nausea.  Every night we read about the pregnancy together in bed.  It’s fun!  And, we’ve been walking in the mornings, too.  
We just can’t wait to share the greatest news we’ve EVER had!!!
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