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I took a pregnancy test last weekend and it was negative so I did what un-pregnant people do at the Colonial – I drank.  After that test, we were deadset on IVF ASAP.  Constant talks about budget and timeline ensued; meanwhile, day 28 of my cycle came and went.  The only time that I had cycles longer than 28 days was when I was on clomid, etc.  this shed a ray of hope that there was an outside chance that I was still pregnant.

Day 30 came.  We were hopeful.  Wade was asking me if I was still “holding it in” about 4 times a
day.he did some research and convinced us both that I probably took the first test too early.

Day 31.  Due to to some technicalities, it may only be day 30.  Trying not to get our hopes.

Day 32.  Officially late by at least one day.  No real cramps to speak of.  We were both scared to take a test, but I picked one up on my way home from a facial in Fort Worth.  Actually, I picked up 4.  We decided I’d take the test first thing saturday morning, per Wade’s research.

Wade had to work late so I waited until right before he came home to pee on that stick.  I left it in the bathroom and went downstairs to wait for him.  When he pulled his car into the garage, I went out to meet him and I said, I couldn’t wait.  There’s a test up there and I haven’t looked at it yet, but I just couldn’t wait.”

He responded, with puzza box in hand, “Do you want to eat first? No, let’s go check.”. As we walked up the stairs, he was preparing me for a let down.  He started to ask what he should be looking for, “Where are the directions? Are there supposed to be 2 lines?”

When he opened the bathroom door he went right for the instructions.  So analytical.  I could see from my position right over his shoulder that there were two blue lines.  I said, “Wade, I can see it from here!”. 

He looked at me with frustration and puzzlement before he realized I was talking about the test and then, we both lost it.  It doesn’t feel rela.  Someone may as well have handed me a slip of paper that says, “You have a gillion dollars.”

We celebrated with some wine on the patio (just a sip for a toast for me) and tried to wrap our heads around this miracle growing inside of me.  Right now, I’d say I feel blessed, a little fragile, young and old at the same time, nervous, hopeful, and very excited.

Since this whole thing probably got rolling right around my birthday trip that we took to Houston, I asked Wade how he’d ever top this birthday present!  Our plan is to tell our parents on Father’s Day.  By that point, I’ll be just starting week 8.  It’s still a little early, but we can’t wait to share and we’re both such suckers for grand gestures.  


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