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Holy CRAP! It’s only Tuesday and this week has already outworn its welcome.  Since I’m blogging from my ipad, I’ll be brief.  A co-worker and her 14 yr old daughter were murdered over the weekend.  Unthinkable.  A 2 mile wide tornado destroyed a suburb of OKC.  Heartbreaking. Tonight I’m in Shreveport and I spent the evening in the lobby of the hotel with no electricity, 8 strangers a doberman pinscher and a bottle of wine.  Typical, I guess…at this point.

I got here at 6pm and the storm arrived soon after.  I saw the grey clouds chasing me in my rearview mirror since my 9am departure from the dfw metroplex. Thankfully, I stayed well ahead of the storm for most of the day.  At my last client visit in Nacogdoches, about 2 hours west of Shreveport, the owner asked me to get a room in town to avoid the risk of being caught in the most storm that was riding on my back.  I told him I would and thanked him formhis genuine concern.  I left Nac at about 4:20 and didnt think twice about finding a room there.  I knew I had just enough time to get to Shreveport and Inwent for it.

I checked into my room, ordered my dinner, did some computer work and then the lights went out.  After seeing what happened in OKC, I wasnt about to just hang out in the dark, by myself.  I grabbed my purse, my cell phone and my room key and opened the door to the hallway.  It was very creepy to be in a dark hallway with glowing, red exit signs at each end.  It was definitely a moment where you stop to assure yourself that this is not a metaphor.  After my temporary paralysis by fear, I snapped out of it and chose the Exit sign on the right.  As soon as I opened the door at the bottom of the stairs, I was relieved to find myself in familiar surroundings. The gym was in front of me and the main lobby to my right.  I was the first one down there.  The front desk guy was rummaging through a closet for flashlights as other guests began to converge on the lobby, in front of the large glass windows.  We all even went outside to enjoy the suddenly cool temperatures.

I was joined by a mom and daughter traveling from St. Petersburg to Dallas, 2 men in town on business from Houston, 3 employees and the designer of the hotel with her faithful pup, Bella, a 7yr old Doberman.  I would have been completely annoyed by each and every one of these individuals on anyngiven night, but Molly, the designer, brought some wine down with her so I had a glass and found myself more than willing to tolerate their conversations about Harry Potter fan fiction and geology.  Mostly though, I just petted Bella.

Thankfully, at 1glassofwine ‘o clock (9pm) the lights came on.  I wished everyone safe travels and came back up to my room.  I’m calling it night.


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