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Tomorrow I leave on my last trip for a month.  I cannot wait to get home and I haven’t even left yet.  The only thing making this trip bearable is that my mom is coming with me!!!  She’s on Spring Break so it works out that we’ll get to spend some time in Shreveport and just being together.  I’m pretty pumped about that part, but I wish that SoCal or even Galveston were in my territory.  I’m dying for a vacation.

Work has just been absolutely crazy for me and I mean that literally.  Some of these people are so ridiculous that I have to keep double-checking myself to make sure I’m not really losing it.  Wade has been super-busy at work as well.  He’s been short-staffed for a while and is scrambling to get some people hired.  They keep throwing new requirements at him; for instance, the next person must be bi-lingual!!!  Poor guy.  I don’t envy him right now.

We have nothing planned for this weekend, except that Wade and Neal will be playing golf with Steve and that’s pretty much it.  I’m just going to relax.  Next weekend is our dinner club and a couple of weekends after that will be Opening Day!!!  I also can’t believe March 9th passed so quietly.  Usually, it doesn’t slip by unnoticed because, after all, it IS the beginning of the 2-months-until-my-birthday countdown!!!  31.  YIKES!

I’ll save the self-reflection blog entry for a little closer to d-day, but WOW….

Okay, I’ve got to get packed.


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