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My surgery went well on Tuesday.  All of the doctors and nurses were fantastic and I was a lovely patient, if I do say so myself!?!

When I woke up in recovery, I was shivering like I was in Antarctica, but they were able to give me some meds pretty quickly to make that stop.  Upon my release, Nancy and I made a beeline for In & Out Burger.  It was delicious.  After we ate, I’m pretty sure that I just went upstairs and went to sleep, but I really don’t remember so we’ll just go with that.  My “incisions” are very small.  One is inside my bellybutton and the other is on my pelvis, about 2 inches from my hip.  If this is a scar, it won’t be noticeable at all.

Dr. Haas said that everything looked good.  I had a little endometreosis, but they were able to burn that off.  I am still a little sore.  It’s the spot on my bellybutton.  It’s just really uncomfortable.  I’ve tried to avoid pain meds though because I just don’t like ’em…at least not the kind they give you at home.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the good stuff that only comes in IV’s!  Yes, thank goodness that those are only available at the hospital because I probably would have pawned everything I own, including this computer, if I could get my hands on them.

So, I only took that one day off of work to have the surgery.  Wednesday and Thursday were “office days” and I worked on Friday.  I have a trip next week and the week after that!!!  UGGHHHH.  My follow-up with Dr. Haas is on 3/11, so we’ll see what the next steps are at that point.

Nellie and Beanie have settled in nicely.  Beanie likes Archie and Mack; not all the time, but she does like them.  Neal got a membership to LA Fitness, so we’ll be starting racquetball soon.  I’m looking forward to getting more active again.  I’ve gained 15 lbs since the wedding!!! YIKES!!!  AND GROSS!!!  Summer is coming.  I’ve got to get this bod in check.

We’re grilling out today with Nancy and Bob.  We’re having Buffalo cheese burgers with green chiles.  YUM!  Oh, and homemade chipotle mayo…extra yum!


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