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I had a looong drive yesterday.  I left for Wichita Falls at 7am and saw two of my dealers before heading to Oklahoma City.  I spend a lot of time in my car praying and listening to 1310 The Ticket, sometimes at the same time.  I was thinking about our sermon on Sunday.  God wants us to obey and then he produces miracles.  It’s not the other way around.  I got to thinking about faith.  A dear friend of ours was raised Buddhist and is now a staunch Catholic.  I asked her what made her convert and she said that she was blessed with the gift of faith.  She said that when you have the gift of faith, you have no choice.

Speaking honestly, I was not given the gift of faith.  I have the burden of sinnicism and I love a good conspiracy theory.  For me, faith is something I have to practice.  That’s what led to this post, “Calculated Faith.”

I want to have blind faith, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been living my life with calculated faith; trusting when it’s safe and doing things my own way when I can’t see any other options.  So, I’m trying to remember that if I have faith in Him there isn’t anything that isn’t an option and no matter what, that’s always the “safest” way to go.

In other news, I think my travel schedule is starting to wear on us a bit.  Last night Wade got us 4 tickets to the Mavs/Thunder game and it was awesome.  I’m sad we didn’t get to experience it together because it’s something we had discussed, but when your’re in Oklahoma on a Monday night with 2 male colleagues, therre really isn’t a lot to do.

I’m actually in the backseat of Nick’s car on the way to the delaership.  We just stopped for breakfast at a gas station near our LaQuinta which is 20 minutes away from the store.  Glamorous.  I know for sure, if Wade could see this, he would be sad for my life.  I have 3 sets of my own coming up, where I’ll need these guys to come help me in my territory.  It’s trade off.  You gotta give to get.


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