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We’ve had 2 extraordinary days in a row.  It’s the kind of weather that makes you remember spring; not just think back fondly on it, but taste it, breathe it and feel it all over you.  I went for a 6 mile run yesterday and got a pretty gnarly blister on the bottom of my left foot.  Since I couldn’t really run today, I decided to do yoga on the patio and it was awesome!

I’ve had a couple of very busy days at work and there is not end in sight.  I have one more week at home before I hit the road again and I’m just trying to soak it all up.  I love routine.  Traveling isn’t for me.  It’s just not.  I may think it is every once in a while, but then I get to be home for long enough to remind me that I hate being away.

We’ve got dinner club tomorrow night and I’m pretty excited about that.  On Saturday we’ll be looking for homes for the Graf’s and doing our taxes…so productive!  Church on Sunday and then, who knows what?!?


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