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Well, I got my hopes up again.  I went to Kroger and bought another test.  I should have known when I pulled the test that I wanted out of the case and it had a plastic box on it.  I had to take it to the pharmacy to have them remove the box and it caused quite a commotion.  Every old lady in the store was right there and watching and laughing and it was just terribly awkward, especially since I was so anxious.

I came home right away and took the test.  I should start my period tomorrow…and I probably will because it said, yet again, “not pregnant.”

This means I’ll have a dye test that I’ve heard is very painful.  I guess the good side of this is that I’ll be able to make it to all those August weddings we’ve got lined up.  I’m really upset.  I feel like I could cry at any moment.  The freaking Duchess is pregnant.  Pregnancy is all over the news.  It’s tough.

Wade’s been great though.  We’ll keep on keepin’ on.  It would have been a lovely Christmas gift though.


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