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Well, my face is the most broken out it’s ever been.  EVER.  I have gained probably 7 lbs since the wedding and I just feel blah.  Tomorrow, I’m eating healthy and at least walking 30 minutes every day. Something’s got to change, because I’m not getting any younger.  I may not be able to do anything about my face (oh, yeah and my back is breaking out too…MY BACK…GROSS!), but I can try to stay in shape.  It’s harder to do though when you don’t feel like you look your best.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Tonight we are heading to the fall festival at my mom’s school.  After that, a good friend is playing his first gig at a wine bar in downtown Grapevine, so we are going to have some drinks and watch him.  Tomorrow is yard work for Wade and shopping for me and my mom.  Tomorrow night we are celebrating the anniversary of our first date and that’s pretty much our weekend.  I’m looking forward to it.

Work has been stressful.  I haven’t had my work computer for 2 weeks and on top of that, I had my boss riding with me this week.  I should get my computer on Monday and I’ll have one normal week until we’re off to Ohio for Thanksgiving.  We can’t wait!

Wow!  This year has really flown by…


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