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A lot of times I have an idea for a blog, but I don’t write it because I don’t want to piss people off.  As you read this, whomever “you” may be, please know this is not directed to any person.  It is simply the way I see the world and I want to write about it…

This election made 2 things very clear for me:

1) The media is far more powerful and effective than I ever imagined.  That’s quite a statement coming from a broadcast journalism major.  According to every news outlet, this election was going to be one for the ages, too close to call for a long, long time, an absolute nail-biter.  That could not have been further from the truth.  The media is big business.  If they report on tight races, candidates empty their pockets into the coffers of all of the media conglomerates for more air time.  A close race is big money. We were lied to because this is not a democracy any longer.  It’s idiocracy (great movie, by the way).  It’s embarrassing.  The money that was spent by both sides; and for what?!?

2)  The white, middle-class male is becoming extinct.  It was so obvious to me on the electoral maps;  Seas of red, dotted with specks of blue.  Here’s the deal, I’m married to a white, middle-class male.  My Dad, brother and grandfathers are/were white, middle-class males.  I love ’em to pieces, but they’re not all good.  White, middle class men have, historically, been big old bullies.  Thank goodness I’m not a feminist because this is where I’d really go off an a rant.

In any case, it’s an interesting dynamic to see this group of people fearful.  Granted, the fear is disguised as hate and disgust and intolerance and every other arrogant, self-righteous mask that exists.  I’m not fooled.  I know it’s fear.   I think about all the groups that have been the “minority of the moment” or the the flavor of the week for America’s blame/bulllying: black, female, latino, homosexual, Muslim, Catholic, Indian, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Unfortunately, it looks as if the white, middle-class male will take his turn as the whipping boy and this has got to be a hard pill to swallow.  I can understand the fear.  It makes you think twice about the way you’ve treated others in the past.  After all, aren’t we just born this way???  And, behind every white, middle-class man, isn’t there a white, middle-class woman??

These are interesting times that we have ahead of us.  This election was no more or less important than any past election, but tides are changing and tolerance and respect and kindness shouldn’t be thrown out  the window.

No matter what, if you are depending on the government for your well-being, you have put your eggs in the wrong basket.  If you haven’t, quit bitching and be thankful for what you have.

That is all.


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