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It’s gotten chilly!  I spent the week in Denver and the weather was great until Wednesday night, when it snowed 3 inches!!!  I booked an early flight out Thursday morning and got home just in time for the cold front to start rolling into North Texas.

It is perfect cuddle weather; grey, windy, quiet, and crisp!

I had another appointment with Dr. Haas today to check on my reaction to the clomid.  I took a very small dose and he seems really pleased with the results.  He said that my body responded really well.  I haven’t ovulated yet and he said that it should happen today or tomorrow.  So, we’ll be busy weekend…you know, just doing things around the house and stuff.

I’ll go in next week for a blood test and the week after that for a pregnancy test.  We are really excited about this and hopeful.  Even if things don’t work out this time around, there’s a plan and we feel really good about everything.

Speaking of everything…I was thinking about babies today (what’s new??).  I have a theory that we are born, not with potential, but with everything.  As infants, we are the fullest expression of our true selves.  Our experiences whittle us down as we age and we end up a mere shell of what we were born. Interesting.

You will certainly be our little everything.


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