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Well, you don’t exist YET and I’m really shocked after our honeymoon.  I mean, REALLY.  Baby, some day you’ll laugh at that.  It will be when you’re old enough to see that your parents deeply love each other.  Oh, and we do.  Your Dad has given me the greatest gift of all.  In fact, I had it and didn’t even know it.  He’s amazing and I pray that when you come to us, you are so much more like him than me.  Back to the honeymoon…it was magical.  It was the perfect amount of private, romantic, adventurous, relaxing and exciting!  

In any case, when I realized I wasn’t pregnant I was really disappointed and I cried.  I stayed up all night reading about how to get pregnant, tracking ovulation, etc.  I’m taking my basal temperature every morning and charting it. I just spent $60 on an ovulation tracker.  So, yeah, I pee on a stick every morning to figure out if/when I’m ovulating.  

I did have a little freak out because I thought I’d be pregnant by now, but I just realized that I’ve only been off of birth control for 3 months now, not 5 as I had thought.  I’ve never been known for my patience.  Well, no real news.  We just really want you and I’m going to do my best to enjoy the process.  Believe it or not, it’s not easy having this much sex!  Again, you’ll laugh about that down the road.  
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