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I lost my iPad on our flight from DFW to LAX, so I had to purchase a journal. The following entry is what I wrote in that journal/substitute iPad while we were in Hawaii…

*At the airport, all the Michigan and Alabama fans were heading home from the big game. Wade just couldn’t help himself when he saw a huge group of Michigan fans. He yelled, “GO BUCKS!” For a split second they seemed happy and then they shot daggers through us with their eyes. I will never forget that.
I’ve made some incredibly perfect, big mistakes to get to where I am right now. Oh, that’s Kona, Hawaii, by the way, writing in an over-priced journal in a green and brown bathrobe, in the relaxation garden of the spa at the Four Seasons. I’m on the verge of tears and my heart is so full at this moment. I could not be happier and more thankful for a my tremendous lack of decision-making skills up to this point. I am truly overcome by peace…
Okay, NOW I am truly overcome by peace. I left for a moment to have a scrub, wrap and massage. I have never experienced anything like that. Seriously. Other-worldly. Okay, let me see where I begin…back to those “mistakes.”
Our flight from DFW to LAX was great. We landed in time to grab a sandwich before we boarded the flight to Kona. The in-flight movie was “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” At some point during the movie, about 2 hours into our 5 hour flight, I realized I lost my iPad. So much for blogging every day! I also started to feel really nauseated on the flight and that was only exacerbated by the turbulence right before we landed.
I was amazed by the cloud cover from LA all the way to Hawaii. When we landed, we quickly got our luggage. We were both surprised by how dark it was at 7:30PM. We got our rental car (a Ford Fusion) and contacted Hal’s groundskeeper to get keys to the house. We pulled up under the portico and were greeted by a waterfall. It was beautiful This house is amazing and we haven’t even seen it in the daylight. We unpacked and went to bed. We woke up at 4AM and decided to get our day going. We packed overnight bags and left for the Four Seasons.
Of course, it was still dark and we had yet to see the sun shine on the island. As we drove, we imagined all the beautiful scenery we were probably passing. Hawaii is REALLY dark. I mean, REALLY DARK! You can’t see a thing at night, except for the twinkling stars (millions of them…entire galaxies) and a radiant moon. It also smells fantastic. I think it’s the hibiscus, but it’s so pleasant.
So, anyway, we pull up to the entry at the hotel and the guard lets us pass. When we pulled up to the main lobby, we were greeted by a man with a lei for each of us and he promptly unpacked the car. We were ushered inside and seated on a couch where we were offered fresh guava juice and pineapples. ALOHA! We were awed. it was amazing. He checked us in a took us to our room in a fancy golf cart. It opens up to the 18th green and has an outdoor shower. 3-6-0-2 is pure heaven. We quickly unpacked there and then went exploring.
By now, it was 6AM, but breakfast didn’t start until 6:30. We saw the ocean, the main pool and had coffee and tea overlooking the resort from the main lobby. We chose a place for dinner and made reservations for 8PM. When it was 6:30 we went to breakfast. We sat outside, overlooking the beach. Wade had what looked to be the most opulent breakfast buffet I’ve ever seen and I had an exquisite yogurt parfait with raw, organic honey, granola, dried coconut and a side of fresh fruit. I also had a hibiscus mimosa. It was an $80 breakfast!!! $80?!? Well, you only honeymoon once, right?
After that, Wade went to golf and I went to the room. He asked me to take his lei and told me he had nicknamed it “iPad” so he wouldn’t be upset if he never saw it again…such a comedian. When I got back to the room, there was a bottle of champagne chilling! Heaven! I decided I’d head over to the spa early and I needed to buy a journal since my iPad was NOT going to find me any time soon.
This spa is insane. It is everything you expect a spa to be. I came to check in and they were able to move up my appointment. I sat for a bit in a garden while I waited for the therapist and wrote. After only a few minutes she came to get me. We started at the apothecary and I picked my mud and the salt for my scrub. I went with lava everything. The best part of the whole thing was the shower/rinse. I had all 3 treatments without getting off the bed…
After that, I was led to another garden (where I’m writing now) and they brought me pineapple, pineapple upside-down cake and spicy macadamia nuts with some tea. Perfection.
After wrestling with the decision, I decided to go in an get my phone so I could take some photos. Wade had texted me that he was in a cabana on the beach. I met up with him and we shared a pitcher of “Late to the Party,” a drink with tequila and jalapenos. It hit the spot. He said that the worst part of his day was having to stand up so I could find him among all the cabanas…not a shabby day, huh? We laid there and watched the water. We saw large fish jumping (turns out they were dolphins) and we talked about how perfect this has all been. We got hungry and hit up the Beach Tree restaurant. I had a lobster dog! Yes, a lobster hot dog-looking think and it was amazing. There was a side of purple sweet potato chips and those were delicious too! Wade had Mahi tacos and he enjoyed them, as well.
After lunch we went to the room and they left us Texas Rangers cookies! How cool is that?!? How do they know??? I told Mr. Graf that I feel like all the employees at the hotel have facial recognition implants because they never forget your name…even if you never met them!!! Well, after all of that goodness, we decided to golf another round. By “golf” I mean Wade golfs and I ride in the cart, take pictures, drink beer and write in my journal. We are truly having the time of our lives.
While Wade was playing his first round of golf this morning he paired up with a guy named, “Chris.” We ran into him and his wife before lunch. He seemed really nice and Wade had a blast.
Later…still golfing though…
I just have a few thoughts about Earth. When you live on a land mass like North America, whether or not you live on a coast, you take for granted the energy/power/forces it work to get that land above sea level. You can’t it for granted in Hawaii. Surrounded by volcanic rock, crashing waves and the constant view of mountainous volcanos, it’s humbling to say the least. Outside of the delicious smell of this whole island, I was immediately struck by the earth energy I feel here. It’s an island, I was expecting “water energy” here. Not so. It makes perfect sense though. A volcanic island defines the Earth’s victory of water: a very slow beating into submission for the waves.
***Okay, from this point forward, I just made bullet-point notes. I’ll list my note and elaborate next to each one***
Notes made on 9/5
-hung out in room (Wade went to the house while I bathed): Wade forgot his bathing suit (who does that???) so he had to go back to the house to pick it up. I took a great bath with the windows open and was ready to go by the time he got back to our room.
-video of resort: We walked around the resort and took video. It was fun and I’m glad we took the time to do it.
-drinks @ Beach Tree Bar: We were VERY early for our dinner reservations so we sat at the bar and had drinks. It was perfect. We were able to be seated early for dinner too.
-Dinner: We shared buffalo/goat cheese pizza for an appetizer. Wade had swordfish and I had lobster ravioli. It was delicious. Our waiter’s name was Wade and he was from Cincinnatti (I can’t spell that).
-trust instincts/stars: On the way back to the room we meandered through the resort a bit. At one point we were thinking of the best way back to our bungalow. Wade had pointed one direction and I thought another direction was faster. I said, “I need to trust my instincts a little bit more. I’m going my way and I’ll beat you back.” I was wrong. We got a good laugh. He said he strolled back casually, eating leftovers from our dinner while he could hear my sandals flapping on the pavement as I ran. Even though I was wrong and I ran most of the way, I still enjoyed looking at the stars. We spent some time on our patio looking at the sky sipping champagne. Heaven.
-Wake up Wade: I woke up at 5AM. Wade did not want to wake up, but I wanted to get a good seat at breakfast (which started at 6:30) so I woke him up. He did not think it was funny until we got to the restaurant and we were the only ones there for about 30 minutes. It was hilarious. I was so excited though…that food was gooooooooddddd!
-Coty run/Wade swim: I decided to go for a quick run. It was so nice. I barely broke a sweat and the whole trail was along the shore and through lava flow. The homes were stunning. I don’t think I could even afford to look at them. I saw a sea turtle and felt like he was put there just for me. Wade went for a swim at the fitness center and when he arrived at the pool, a swim coach was there and asked him how many meters he wanted to swim for his workout. He said, “uhhhh, I just need some goggles.” Apparently, that lady meant business and he was looking for a more leisurely activity.
-Meet at Beach: After our workouts, I actually ran into Wade at the cabana we had been at the day before. On my run, I had noticed that hotel employees who were raking the said/working near the beach would just take long pauses looking out into the crystal clear water to just admire the view. That’s the first thing Wade said to me, “even the workers stop to just take it all in.” That’s how beautiful this place was.
-change: we went back to the room to change for snorkeling on the hotel property. The snorkel pond opened at 10:30 and we were a little early so we walked on the beach and collected shells.
-Sea turtle: I had told Wade about the sea turtle that I ran into. As we were collecting shells, looking only inches in front of our feet as we walked in the sand, I heard Wade say excitedly, “THERE’S A TURTLE!” Sure enough, there was a turtle right there. We got some great photos and I was so thankful that I got to see a turtle with him.
-Snorkeling: After the turtle, we packed up our shells and towels and headed over to the snorkel pond. It was cold. We saw some beautiful fish and an eagle ray, but we only snorkeled for about 10 minutes. One of the workers at the pond saw our shells and rocks and asked if we were taking them home. We said yes and he let us know it was bad luck. I don’t know if that’s true, but we didn’t want to risk it and to be honest, it didn’t feel right taking those things anyway. So, we left them and headed back to the room.
-checkout: We checked out and headed to Wal Mart to do some grocery shopping
-Wal Mart: Wal Mart in Hawaii is still Wal Mart. I was shocked that they didn’t have any produce available. NONE AT ALL. It wasn’t very fun.
-Back to the house: We got back to the house. I took a nap and Wade talked to his parents. We got dressed to head to the luau at Mauna Kea, another resort on the island.
-Drinks @ Mauna Kea: This made us realize how spoiled we were. When we pulled up, we waited in the car for about a minute until someone came to valet. It was a rude awakening. We went to three different bars trying to get a drink and the people were not very friendly. The resort was a ghost-town. It was just so different from Hualalai.
-Parrots: there were parrots there. They were cool. Well, one was. The other was frustrated like Archie gets sometimes. He was fiesty, but the cool guy said “hello” and “aloha.”
-Luau: the food was incredible. We were seated in the front row. Before it started everyone was lined up to go in. We were given leis and they took our picture. Once we walked in, we were immediately handed mai tais and directed to the area where the pig was being raised. The guys who were digging up the pig were dressed traditionally and they explained how the pig was cooked in the ground all day long. It smelled incredible. They offered pork and turkey along with sashimi, seared ahi tuna, fried rice, purple sweet potatoes, seaweed salad, and all kinds of delicious sides and some great sweet bread pudding. Oh, it was fantastic. During the meal, they did a play that was about the history of the islands. It was really neat, but we were exhausted and left early (before the fire-dancers).
-came back and slept: we were asleep by 8:00PM. Out cold.
-Up for Dolphin Encounter (coke for breakfast and b-fast on patio): We had to be at the Dolphin encounter at 8:30 which was no problem since we woke up at like 5AM every single day. To make sure I was at the top of my game, I had a coke for breakfast and sat on the patio with Wade while he ate cereal.
-Kona Mountain Coffee: We were really early to the marina and we had passed a coffee shop along the way, so we decided that we’d grab some coffee to wake ourselves up even more. It was the best coffee ever. They gave us a frequent drinker card and it is my dream to fill that sucker up. Oh, it was soooooooooo good and I don’t even like coffee.
-Captain Nancy & Sailor: When we got to the boat, Captain Nancy introduced herself and her dog, Sailor. He was a cutie. He did nothing but bark at other boats and sleep. I really dug that guy. Her deckhand was named Stephanie. I had no problem remembering names and the familiarity made me very sure that this would be a special day. Things like that make you know you’re at the right place at the right time.
-Dolphins and stories: Captain Nancy was great. She came to the island to heal herself from a very bad car accident. She was not supposed to be able to walk. She said that therapy with the dolphins healed her and she credits their spirit and their eco-location for her being able to move around perfectly normally. She has a very powerful story and this was more than just swimming with dolphins. It was a very spiritual experience and I think that’s something unique to the way Captain Nancy runs her business. She is the only female Captain in the Harbor and she was the very first Captain to offer a dolphin experience of any kind. It was like she knew each dolphin individually. She said that you could ask the dolphins questions and you would get answers depending on how best you learn (visually, kinesthetically, or audibly). I asked a question and I got an answer. I’m not sharing though. That’s between me and the dolphins! So, swimming with them was magical. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done. These are wild dolphins. They weren’t in an aquarium or trained or anything like that. They were curious and they seemed very busy, too. I was so impressed and thankful that you could hear them. They make beautiful noises and when they appear from out of the empty blue space in front of you, it is breathtaking. For the most part, they just swim by you. We probably saw 200 dolphins that day. There were two that stopped to talk to me. At first, I was so scared. I thought, “this thing is going to destroy me!” They really calm you though. I had no reason to be calm. The water isn’t my domain, you know? It took a split-second for me to understand that these dolphins meant no harm. At first, they swam past me. I took a deep breath and went under about 5 feet to follow behind them. They suddenly turned around and there we were, floating face to snout under the water. I looked right in their eyes and I’m sure it only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like a lifetime and I’ll never forget it. Wade wasn’t feeling great on the boat and decided to give some dramamine a shot before we went deep-sea fishing…just to be safe.
-Tsunami Warning: we found out on the boat that there was a tsunami warning that day. Captain Nancy said that usually this would mean the dolphins would not really be out, but she said that this was the most she’d seen in a while so she knew there would be no tsunami. There were tons of baby dolphins too!!! And, the open sea is actually the safest place to be in a tsunami so we were safe, moms and dads.
-Other: At this point, I realized how serious that the mainland is. Things that really don’t matter become so important. All that matters on the island is the water, the land and the sun and the moon. We had been listening to a local radio station the whole time we were there and we got such a kick out of the songs. They are so literal and so corny, but they worked. We really enjoyed it!
-Grilled Dinner: that night, we were burnt and tired. Wade grilled for dinner and we ate on th patio and watched a beautiful sunset. Again, we went to bed early.
Notes made on 9/912
-Flight to Oahu: I hate small planes. This was a small plane. Thankfully the flight was only 30 minutes. It must have been our flight attendant’s first day because she did not have her script memorized and I genuinely question her reading ability. She was bad.
-Right on bus: when we got to the airport, our tour bus was waiting for us and we hopped on, met our tour guide, Keau (pronounced “K-owww) and he introduced us as newlyweds. Everyone clapped it was sweet. We took our seats and headed to Pearl Harbor, only a 10 minute drive. On the way there, we saw a beautiful rainbow. It was the only rainbow that we’ve actually ever seen through. It was really cool.
-Pearl Harbor (museum and video): When we got to Pearl Harbor, security was really tight. No bags were allowed! It was a really quiet place and there were people of all ages, but mostly older. They had 2 museums, several memorials and there was a theater that played a movie about how the war began before you got on a ferry to see the Arizona Memorial, which was across the harbor. We both really enjoyed this, but we certainly didn’t feel a connection to it like we would at a 9/11 Memorial. I mean, we just didn’t live it. We don’t have experiences from that time and although we appreciate everything we learned and certainly everything that was sacrificed, it’s was probably not as poignant for us as it would have been for our parents or grandparents. One thing that struck me is that 1,200 people died in that attack. That’s far fewer than 9/11 and I was shocked that our retaliation (nuclear bombs) were not mentioned once. We killed 100,000 people (mostly civilians) and, where I understand that Pearl Harbor serves as a memorial, I felt like a very important part of the story was left out; a revisionist history, if you will. Anyway, we had some overpriced hotdogs and tarot chips for lunch while we waited for our turn to go into the theater.
-USS Arizona: We went into a 25-minute movie about the events that led up to the war and it was very interesting. It’s sad that we still kill innocent people for oil and natural resources today. That’s really what struck me…is that nothing has really changed at all. Poignant during this political season, I think. Change doesn’t come from government, from Republicans, from Democrats, from Liberals; it’s comes from us, private citizens and it’s usually determined by where we spend our hard-earned dollars. Okay, off my soapbox…So, after the movie, we were ushered out of the theater and onto immaculately kept ferry boats for the 5 minute boat-ride to the resting place of the USS Arizona. It’s a powerful memorial. You can see the top of the ship. You can see the oil slick from the more than half-century old leak. It leaks about 7 quarts a day and at this rate, it will leak for 100 more years. It was very neat and I’m glad we went.
-USS Missouri (audio tour): Our next stop was the USS Missouri, where the Japanese formally surrendered. It was really hot. We got an ipod for an audio tour, but ended up ditching that because it was taking too long. Some notable stops on the ship were the exact spot where the documents were signed, the dent on the side of the ship from a kamikazee plane and the officer’s quarters. We went back to the bus early to get some AC and we got to talk to the tour guide about football and all things Hawaii.
-National Cemetery: After that, we were on to the national cemetery. It was beautiful. It overlooked Honolulu. We just did a quick drive-through, but it was neat to see all the different symbols that they had worked into it.
-Downtown Honolulu: from the cemetery, we headed to downtown Honolulu to see the Royal Palace (the only one on US soil) and the statue of King Kameahmeah. It was pretty cool, but we were starving by this time.
-Waikiki: thankfully, we got off the bus in Waikiki, which was so tourist-y. I was not impressed and even less so when I found out that all the sand was pumped in from Manhattan Beach!!! It should have been swampland. I was impressed by the number of homeless people. Wow! There were a ton. Wade and I looked on to find a restaurant that we wanted to try. We headed to Tiki’s, which was a little hotel bar near the beach. He had a drink in a coconut, I had a mai tai. We split crab dip and he had a crab po boy and I had an ahi tuna tower. It was delicious!!! After our quick meal, we hauled butt back to the bus and I stopped in the Honolulu cookie company store to buy some cookies…not that good, really. By this time we were exhausted. Our flight didn’t even leave until 7:30 so we knew we were going to be up later than usual.
-Back to airport: on the way back to the airport we sang songs; Tiny Bubbles, Aloha and Melekelemaka. It was fun, but again, we were so tired. We saw a double rainbow then and that was double-cool!
-Same flight attendant: we had that same flight attendant on our flight back to Kona and she had not improved in our absence. Wade slept and I squeezed his arm until it was black and blue during the turbulent flight. Poor guy!!! When we got home, we went right to bed.
-I woke up at 6:30 and went downstairs to nuke some breakfast croissants. As I was heading back up to the bedroom with “homemade breakfast in bed” for Wade, he was heading down. I said, “get back up there and get in bed…I made you breakfast!” He ate the sandwiches and drank a coke in bed. We laughed and then got around for our helicopter tour that was at 9am.
-Stopped for Coffee. On our way there, we stopped at a Starbucks for more coffee. Unfortunately, Starbucks doesn’t hold a candle to Kona coffee, but it did the trick.
-Sunshine Helicopters: We made it to the landing pad and checked in. While we waited (we were early, of course) we talked to the admin, Jules. She was really sweet and introduced us to their cat, Sunshine and their lizards/geckos, who are all born in the dime slot of the pepsi machine.
-Australians: While we waited, other couples on our tour arrived. The first couple was a middle-aged couple from Australia and they wanted to sit in the front of the helicopter. We had paid for that privilege months earlier and they were very disappointed to not get to do that. I felt bad, but I also felt great because Wade did such a great job of making sure we did everything right. He’s the BEST! As we talked with the Australians about the time change (they cross the international date line and actually lose 1 full day on their way home) we told them how we’ve been going to bed at 7 and waking up at 4. They said, “Oh, typical newlyweds!”
They were very funny and nice.
-EC130: Once the final couple got their, we were briefed on safety and walked to the helicopter. It was a Eurocopter…pretty cool! Our pilot was probably Wade’s age and had a gnarly mustache. It made me laugh.
-The flight: It was about 1.5 hours. Our flight started off flying between Kilaueau and Mona kea, the two active volcanos. We flew by the crater and couldn’t go close to it because it’s so active. We got great photos of the ash plume rising from it though. We did get to fly over a lava field and see a few spots of fresh lava. It was very neat. There was all kinds of scientific equipment set up around the lava flow and the pilot said that since it’s so active right now, the scientists leave their helicopters running when they go up there to do tests. We saw collapsed lava tubs and power lines laying around like pick-up-sticks that the lava had just enveloped. It was crazy. We flew by Jack Thompson’s house. He lived in a sub-division that had been destroyed by lava for 30 years. Somehow, the lava just went around his house the whole time and he never left it. People said that he had a relationship with Pele, the Goddess of the Volcanoes, but they broke up and in March of 2012, the lava finally got his house. He would ride his bike 4 miles to the nearest town to get food every day and was evacuated by a helicopter. From there, we flew to the Hilo side of the island. It’s basically a rainforest. There were stunning, emerald valleys with waterfalls that looked like strings of diamonds connected by blue sapphire pools. It was breathtaking. We flew over the ocean and I really don’t have words for how pretty this was. By this point, Wade was miserably sick. I kinda thought he might be, but we couldn’t really talk. Even though he felt terrible, he was very impressed by the sights, too. The helicopter did some crazy figure eights and we flew right up next to the waterfalls. It was just beautiful!
-Back to Queen’s Marketplace: This is where we had stopped for Starbucks earlier. We wanted to get my mom a gift for taking care of the dogs while we were gone and we got her an awesome “Aloha” sign with plumeria flowers on it. We almost spent a good amount of money on an original painting by a local artist. It was a honu, or turtle. We decided not to and we’re thankful that we didn’t.
-Lunch: we just had sandwiches at home and relaxed for most of the afternoon. After a while, we grabbed a couple of beers and went for a walk around the neighborhood, dreaming about our future vacation home! When we got home we took a couple of bottles of champagne down to the waterfall hot tub and that’s how we spent our evening. It was really a very relaxing day and it was just perfect!
-Fishing: Just as we were getting used to sleeping and after a night of slightly too much drinking, we had a very early morning to go deep-sea fishing. This was the first day I could have slept past 6:00 if it weren’t for the alarm. We had to be at the Harbor at 7AM to meet Captain Chuck and his deckhand, Adam. Before we went to the harbor, we stopped at the Harbor Deli and picked up a sandwich and fruit for lunch and a sausage egg and cheese breakfast biscuit that was delicious!!! Wade also bought some dramamine. We would have gone to Kona coffee again, but it didn’t open until 8AM. Captain Chuck’s boat was immaculate. He’s a retired fire chief and the boat was so clean it sparkled like brand new toy fire truck. He had all the best gear and he kept us great company. He had Coach K and Britney Spears on his boat, so when I took a nap on the couch, I just kept thinking, “Britney probably sat here.” It was the best nap I’ve ever taken. We didn’t catch any fish, but we did see more dolphins (a ton more and lots of babies) and Wade saw a Marlin. It was a long, exhausting day and even though we didn’t catch anything, we had fun and said that this was certainly something we’d do again. When we got home, we just ate the sandwich that we had bought at the deli and I took a nap while Wade watched some football.
-Dinner: Captain Chuck had recommended a restaurant in downtown Kona, which we had yet to visit. He said that at 5:30 they had happy hour with half price appetizers. We decided to check it out. We had made reservations for 6, but when we got there, we were so content just sitting at the bar, we decided to cancel the reservations and just watch the sunset from the bar. The bartender asked if we were locals. I think it was because only locals were taking part in the happy hour. They probably don’t like spreading the word to the Howley’s (that’s what they call tourists). I had clams and ribs and Wade had teriayki steak and sashimi. It was fantastic, but suddenly Wade got sick. I think the dramamine had worn off and he was still feeling the effects of our 6 hour boat ride. We went home and watched “Old School”…so funny and went to bed within 30 minutes.
-Breakfast: We were up at 7 and decided to check out a coffee place we had seen while we were in Kona for dinner the previous night. Now, with the time change, all the early NFL games were on and it was cool to see NFL at 7AM. We ended up at Lava Java, sitting outside. Wade had coffee and I ordered an omelet with pork and grilled pineapple. It was fantastic. as we sat there, we watched people train for the Ironman Race that’s coming up. They swam in the bay and then ran right in front of us. It was really cool. Wade seemed really frustrated at breakfast and said he was upset because it was not quiet enough for him to do his Devotionals. I understood, but I was also upset because how many times do you get to watch the sun rise in Hawaii on your honeymoon???? We went home not in the best mood. I just wanted him to catch up on his devotionals so we could enjoy the rest of our last day and he was even more frustrated that he had upset me.
-Surprise: we came home and decompressed. I was sitting on the catch watching football when he handed me my phone and wallet and said, “GET UP!” with a big smile on his face. I wasn’t feeling it. He wouldn’t tell me what we were doing, but he had packed a bag for me and the next thing I knew, we were in the car. All I wanted to do before we left was to go to the little shops that we had breakfast near that morning. I would have been perfectly happy if we had done that and then spent the rest of the day at the house relaxing. I told him that. He had something else in mind…
-Punalu’u (Black Sand Beach): He drove us 90 minutes to the only natural black sand beach in the world. It was spectacular and I can’t think of a better way to have ended our trip. We saw 3 sea turtles resting on the shore and it was cool and rainy. The drive was stunning. We passed a zebra, goats, a buffalo, and tons of other birds. There was a coffee or macadamia nut farm every 1/2 mile and we were glad to be off the beaten path. This place really was magical.
-Annie’s: we stopped at a burger place that the deckhand on our dolphin journey had recommended to us. I had a burger with barbeque sauce, grilled pineapple and goat cheese. Wade had something similar with onion rings and avocado. It was great! Unfortunately, I got a little sick on the way home and we had to make a quick pitstop.
-Once we got back, we packed up, I napped and Wade watched football. We laid around and made notes in the journal. As we were leaving it began raining. It was the hardest rain yet, a perfect goodbye!
-At the airport, I wanted to buy my mom a lei and I went to the gift shop. It took 20 minutes because the girl checking me out was new. I came back to Wade with the lei and he said, “that’s all you got??? really??? thank God! I was thinking you’d have a million things and I’d have to tell you we can’t afford them.” He said he was practicing his speech. He wanted me to be happy, but we really had gone over our budget, blah blah blah and sure enough, I surprised him! We laughed a lot about that.
-Once we got on the plane, we were pretty much out cold. We landed at LAX, got our connecting flight and napped again. It was great to get to the airport and see Bob, who picked us up. He was wearing his Ohio State shirt! It was great to see the dogs and we tried to stay awake for as long as possible, but we ended up going to bed by 6PM!!! We didn’t wake up until 7!
Well, that’s it. That’s our entire, wonderful, perfect, magical honeymoon. It was a blast!
PS: American Airlines found my iPad and shipped it to me. It arrived the day we got home. Everything was perfect!!!
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