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Our Story

If you’re interested and have some time, check out how we met, the proposal and other little stories about our journey thus far!

How we met…

How we met...
In January of 2008, Coty was an Outside Sales Account Executive and Wade was an Inside Sales Rep for the Texas Rangers. Generally, there was no love lost between the two departments. In December of the previous year we found ourselves working with the same prospect and the gentleman just so happened to be organizing a Golf Expo at Dallas Market Hall. Neither one of us wanted to give up the account, so we decided to team up to work the event. That day we spent six hours together working the Rangers’ Booth and selling . Coty was working on a mailer project for work and Wade was busy playing Nintendo Wii (the big draw to our booth). We probably spoke a total of 5 words to each other on that day and we actually didn’t even cross paths again until October of 2008 when they were each promoted; Wade to Outside Sales Senior Account Executive and Coty to Director of Fort Worth Sales.
Coty’s side:
I remember thinking that I was going to be so miserable running the Fort Worth office. I didn’t know many of the reps there and the one I did, Wade, was a real riot during the six hours we had worked together (sarcasm).
Wade’s side:
Yes, the Golf Expo. I remember having my Nintendo Wii there and guests were going to play “Home Run Derby” as a way to draw people to the booth, and ultimately sell tickets. Well, no one was at this thing, so I switched it from Home Run Derby to Mario Brothers! Oh yah, the Rangers are paying me to play Mario Brothers. When I did this, we had been there a while and this chick was over licking envelopes for some mass mailer and I didnt know who she was. Didn’t care. It was my time with Mario. Out of nowhere, she chimes in how great she is at Mario Brothers. If she only knew how much time myself, Jeff, Paul, Lucas and Garrett played this game, she probably would have just kept to licking those envelopes! I let her play a turn or two, and was not impressed. She collected way too many coins and jumped on too many Koopas. It was great meeting you Coty….seeeee ya later!
Becoming friends…
When Coty moved into the Fort Worth office (which was at the Ballpark at this time) it took a little while for everyone to adjust, but there was a small group that had a lot of fun together and that’s where a friendship began to blossom. We were both surprised about how well we got along after the Golf Expo encounter.
Coty’s side:
I think we had a lot in common. We worked hard, liked being the best at what we did and we really made a great team at work. We would crack up while I was riding with him to appointments. The prospect either loved me and hated Wade or hated me and loved Wade. We could not find one person that seemed to like the both of us, but we closed a lot of business together and had a blast doing it. Between his work ethic, his faith in God and his ability to lighten any situation, I had developed this massive amount of respect for Wade.
Wade’s side:
I remember seeing her walk in on her first day and thinking, I think I remember you from somewhere…I pulled up an email strand from 2007 or 2008 of us talking about who was going to bring the television to the Golf Expo, and we got a good laugh out of that, because neither of us barely spoke a word to each other. Before I got promoted, my old boss told me, “You will regret going to Outside Sales when you walk into a Wendy’s and try to sell them baseball tickets!” That kinda stuck with me, so I was pretty dedicated to becoming great, and making the Fort Worth office a huge success. Coty, being the new boss, also had the same drive. I think that drive to make this new office happen is what initiated the spark.
When We Knew…
After about 6 months of working together, we couldn’t deny that there was something more there. We would spend hours together at work and then hours together in the evening. Before the 2009 season started, the Rangers had an exhibition game at the Ballpark. Coty got tickets for her mom and Wade got tickets for his parents. They serendipitously sat right next to each other during the game. They talked about their children and seemed to really get along well.
Coty’s side:
No matter what we did, it was the most fun that two people could possibly have doing anything. Wade really brought this light into my life that I desperately needed at the time. After that exhibition game, I went to go get my mom so we could head home. She actually introduced me to Wade’s parents before we left. On the drive home, she kept saying, “Coty, I want someone like Wade for you” and “Coty, I reeeaaaalllllllyyyyy like that ‘Wade’!” I didn’t realize that she had met Wade when he went up to visit with his parents during the game. My only response was, “Well, Mom, I reeeaaaallllyyyy like Wade too. I mean I reeeaaalllyyy like Wade.” Eventually, she got it!
Wade’s side
I remember having a little thing for Coty, knowing that the situation was not ideal, but I really liked her. After going on a few dates and after getting to know her more, I knew she was worth the stress of dating and working together.
The Rest is History (in the making)…
Somehow, between the stress of working together and studying for our MBA’s we managed to fall in love. We’ve made some great memories up to this point with our wonderful family and friends and look forward to a lifetime of many more!

The proposal…

Coty’s version
The proposal...
It was a Wednesday and the day started off just like any other. Wade had left for work and I was jumping in the car to go to a yoga class. There was a giant piece of paper taped to my steering wheel that said, “Afton.” I opened it and read it:
I will not be speaking with you today at lunch. At 5:30 you are to leave the house completely. At 6:10 you are to return. Go by your iPhone. Not 6:09. Not 6:11. You will walk through the house and meet me on the back patio. No dogs. Have a great day and I will see you at 6:10.
It’s not uncommon for him to leave sweet notes around the house, so this wasn’t a shock, but it was so specific, I didn’t know what to think. Maybe he’s making dinner, maybe he has a date night planned…who knows.
I was wearing some torn up jeans, flip flops and a grey t-shirt. At 5:30 I went to get some ice cream and I shopped around Bath and Body works. His parents were going to be in town on that Friday for the ALDS and I wanted the house to look, feel and smell perfect. I headed home and pulled up in the driveway at 6:13. I was late!!! That’s so unlike me, but I tried to time it perfectly for him. BACKFIRE!
The first thing I noticed was a note on the front door that said “DO NOT ENTER. GO THROUGH GARAGE.” So, I went through the garage door. I had my arms full of bags and as I opened the door, I just saw red all over the floor. I immediately thought the dogs were hurt, or had torn something up and then I realized it was rose petals. I followed the trail through the house, leaving my bags on the kitchen table, and out onto the patio where Wade was waiting with a dozen roses.
The patio was covered in rose petals, the sun was shining, Wade was beaming and the dogs were sitting perfectly in their house (which had been moved outside for the occasion). Wade pulled out a chair and asked me to sit. As I did, he got down on one knee, said some of the sweetest things that I will NEVER forget and asked me to be with him for the rest of our lives. We both cried and, of course, I said yes! We celebrated with the dogs for a bit and then he told me I needed to change.
I put on a dress and we were out the door. Our destination was a secret, but I hardly even asked about it because I was too busy trying to call my mom, my dad, his parents, etc. to share the great news. Nobody was answering their phones. I was dying to tell my family.
Suddenly, we were in front of Lonesome Dove in the Fort Worth Stockyards and I was so happy. The night before, I had jokingly said, “let’s go to Lonesome Dove.” Wade responded with “not tonight.” Anyway, there we were. We went inside and up to the hostess. She asked if we had reservations and Wade said, “I think I see our table.” I looked over and there were his parents, my mom and Bob, my dad, Marilyn and Sage. It was a great surprise.
At dinner, I realized I was so excited after the proposal that I put on two different sandals! It was a fantastic night and I don’t think Wade could have planned a more thoughtful, touching and fun proposal!

The proposal…

Wade’s version
The proposal...
It was about Rangers playoff baseball time! It is an incredible opportunity that not many of those in sports get the opportunity to have, a run to the World Series. My father wouldn’t miss an opportunity to come down and be a part of the action. Ever. It is his chance to battle every 10-14 year old kid for batting practice home run balls, to add to his basement memorabilia shrine. On Friday, Neal and Carloyn would again be flying in for the ALDS against the Tampa Bay Rays. Or so Coty thought….I had spent a long time trying to figure out how to propose to Coty, and it was a toughie to say the least. I wanted it to be special and to completely catch her off guard. Our families mean so much to both of us, I really thought it would be amazing if they could be a part of this special day. With my family being from Ohio, the opportunities are few and far between. With Neal coming down to battle every Arlington Jr. High and High School Student in Sections 3-9 of the Ballpark, I knew this was the time.
Once the Rangers clinched their playoff birth, we knew the Rangers were set to take the field on that Friday. I had coordinated with my parents accordingly when booking their flights, and they were set to come in to Arlington on the Wednesday before. I told Coty they were coming in hours before the game on Friday, and she was going to have to find a way to pick them up from the airport and get to the game on time. I’m such a sweetheart!
Okay there’s the background, now to the day of the proposal…
It was Wednesday morning. Nothing is rare or unique about this random middle of the week day. I got up and got ready for work, and I was out the door….but before I drove off I put a letter in Coty’s car that I would not be coming home from lunch, and she was going to need to leave the house during a designated time that afternoon. Oh, I also would not be calling her that day.
I wouldn’t rate myself as the most romancing and charming guy of all time. If you want to know Ted Williams’ lifetime batting average I’m your guy! Actually, now that you mention it, “Teddy Ballgame” hit .344 and missed some of the prime years of his career because of his time spent serving the country. In fact, he hit 2 points higher than the Babe Ruth! Oh, the proposal, right…anyway…this probably the biggest and most important thing I have done in the last 27 years, and I felt pressure of making sure everything was absolutely perfect. Not just for me, but for the girl I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. This was big!
I got home from work and had a very small window to prepare. I had rose petals that led from the door through the house onto the back patio. Our children were also in a cage on the patio where I was about to proposal. Okay so we love our dogs like children….same thing, right? We had spent a significant amount of time, money and energy building this house to where it is today. So many family memories in the 3 short years we have been here, I knew this is where I wanted to propose.
So she got home, followed the petals to the patio, and that is where I was standing. She was about 10 minutes late, it was about 110 degrees and I was dressed up. I was sweating my ass off. But thats okay, because everything I had recited in my head from 9:00-5:00 I was about to say….but I didn’t. I never understood why grooms cried when they saw their brides to be for the first time on the wedding day as they were about to come down the aisle. Well I figured that one out pretty quick and I pretty much just lost it. I did manage to get the ring on the finger though, so thats a plus!
I then loaded her up in the vehicle where we were going to go a surprise destination. Our family was all at our favorite restaurant, Lonesome Dove, in the Stockyards of Fort Worth. Her mom had picked up my parents from the airport, and took them down to the restaurant. I told them that Coty would be excited and would be calling, so they were NOT to answer their cell phones! Coty was calling frantically to tell her parents the news, but we were getting no answer over and over again. So frustrating! 🙂 We get to the restaurant and all the family was there!! Again, our family means the world to us! It was so cool to walk in there and have them all be a part of the special day. The meal was great and Neal and Bob were able to give us updates on scores off their cell phones throughout the entire dinner! Just kidding, I love you both.
Then we went home that night and lived happily ever after!
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