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Well, I broughgt another dog home last week. Here’s the deal… I was heading out to Tyler on Wednesday morning and I decided to stop at a dealership in Canton, which is right off the highway on my route to Tyler. I pulled in, parked my car and got out. As I was walking up to the front door, I saw a dog in a trap and he was absolutely still. He was so terrified. I asked what the deal was with the dog and the people at the dealership told me that they set raccoon traps every night beacuse critters set off the alarms. On that particular morning, they found a German Shepherd puppy in the trap. They told me that they would usually take the dog 10 miles down the road and let him go. I could NOT let that happen. I asked one of the employees to put the dog in his truck and let me follow him to the nearest vet. At this point my entire day had been derailed. I was planning to be home by 1pm and now, I was taking this dog to the vet. The little guy got checked out. He had a deformed front paw that looked like a lobster claw, but other than that, he was remarkably healthy for an 8-10 week old puppy. He did have fleas, a little ringworm and some cuts on his paws from the raccoon trap, but all treatable issues. I asked the vet if they could keep him there while I went on to Tyler. They kept him and I got back to Canton around 2pm. This little guy was so dirty and so scared. On my way home, I received a text from Wade. I had called him in tears to tell him I was bringing this dog home no matter what. I was beyond reason at that point and, as usual, he was completely supportive. Back to his text; it said “How’s Joseph?” I said, “Who is Joseph? Joseph, TX?” He responded, “Joseph. The pup who was cast away from his family and found favor with the potifer’s wife.” It was so perfect! So, Joseph and I got home around 3:30. We had to drag him out of the car. When we got him inside he hid his head in a corner and wouldn’t look at anyone or anything. I couldn’t get him to eat or drink. We left him downstairs in the crate that Arch and Mack normally use. Archie, who normally sleeps with us, woukdn’t leave his side. He slept downstairs all night. I took Joseph to the vet again on Thursday and they were able to get him to eat by not putting food in a bowl. Joseph preferred his food straight off the ground. By the end of the day i had him playing in the backyard with Archie and Mack and taking nibbles out of my hand. I was falling in love with this guy! Oh, he was so sweet and cuddly. By Friday I had someone who wanted to take him, but I didn’t feel comfortable with the guy. I finally found him a home in Saturday evening and I was devastated to see him go. I cried, but I know he’s got a great home now! It will be a long, long time before I bring home another dog. I’m in Nacogdoches for the next couple nights and I’m travelling again next week. Poor Wade is stressing out over wedding stuff that isn’t even wedding stuff. It will all be here and done soon enough, but I must say that it never ceases to amaze me how certain people always find a way to rain on your parade. That’s probably a good place to end for the night before I go on a rant. Blessings.

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