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So much is going on right now. I can’t believe that July begins next week! Last weekend we celebrated Father’s Day at my grandparents’ house. It was an absolute blast to get to see my family all together. The dogs had a great time too. We missed my Aunt Katie (she had to work) and her sweet pup, Zoe, wasn’t too interested in hanging out with the big dogs. Maybe next time though… After a being gone earlier this week, I got to enjoy a great weekend with Wade. It started on Friday, his birthday. We met at the game and enjoyed hanging out with friends. We came home and I asked him to grab the dog’s food bowl from the back patio. I had put his birthday card and present out there. I got him 2 tickets to Blue Man Group at Bass Hall next Friday. I wonder who he’ll take!?! We went to bed quite early. On Saturday morning, I made him breakfast and he did the lawn after we did the wedding budget and our household budget. I don’t prefer to start Saturday mornings that way, but it must be done! Once all of that was taken care of, we loaded the dogs into the car and headed over to Grandma Nancy’s to continue the birthday celebrations. It was so relaxing. We grilled, had delicious drinks, ice cream cake and lots of laughs. We got home around 5pm and Mr. Wade went right to bed. He slept until 8:30, woke up to eat some dinner and went right back to bed. That guy has been working so hard…he needed it! In fact, almost right after church this morning, he went up to the Ballpark. I’m lounging at home with the puggle bulls. The next couple of weeks are super-busy for us. I have a guy from one of our suppliers in Utah riding with me through Wednesday and a huge meeting to prepare for next Tuesday. On top of that, I’m going through the interview process with Groupon. Nothing serious yet, just testing the waters. On Sunday, we’re hosting a suite at the Ballpark. Then, there’s that big meeting and the next day is e 4th. We have another suite at the Ballpark that Friday and on Saturday morning we have the shoot for our wedding video. I’ll be int the road for the next two weeks after that and then it’s my bachelorette party and then, it’s August! I’m getting stressed about everything!!! I’m so ready to be Mrs. Graf, sitting on a beach in Hawaii with my handsome husband next to me. Ahhhhhhh…soon enough, I suppose. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the journey until then! Hope everyone has a fantastic, blessed week.

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