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Welp.  I’m back.  Again, I’m so sorry for my lack of blogs.  Life has just been crazy!  I spent a week in Atlanta for week right after Wade spent a week in Michigan for his bachelor party.  I really missed him.  While he was gone, I re-did all the closets in the house.  It was fantastic!  I also got a ton done for the wedding, took care of his birthday present, scheduled my work through the wedding and a bunch of other stuff.

Right now, the pergola is being stained for the 8 millionth time and just last week we had the roof fixed for the second time.  I got a new car yesterday.  I was so happy to hand over that Impala.  Now, I’m rolling around in a silver Ford Fusion and I love it!  It’s much more “me” than the ghetto Impala with a missing hubcap.

We went to the baseball game last night and heard some great news about our wedding band and their lead singer.  Don’t want to share the details, but he’ll definitely be a household name this fall!  Today, we are doing yard work, grocery shopping and starting our 2-day Father’s Day Extravaganza.

Next week, I leave again for 3 days.  I’m bummed about that.  The following week, I’ll be home, but I have someone riding with me and the week after that is the 4th.  I can’t believe we’re already so close to July!  Oh, that reminds me…wedding invitations were mailed yesterday.  It’s getting so close.  Can’t wait!!

Okay, I’ll be posting several pics to fill in some gaps…


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