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Well, it’s been a while.  I know.  I’m sorry.  I don’t know what else to say.  Hopefully, this post will make up for some lost time.  I promise pictures, laughs, cries, and unicorns.  Okay, no unicorns, but everything else is legit.

I don’t even remember how far to go back.  Isn’t that sad?!?

I’ll begin with our wedding shower on May 19th.  It was beautiful!  We had a busy day and we were so happy to spend an awesome evening with family and friends.  The shower was at Stephanie’s parents’ house and it was thrown by Steph; her sister, Sarah; Kristen; and Courtney, with help from Jan and Robert, Steph’s parents and her sister, Elizabeth.  The shower started at 7PM and we got there around 6:45.  The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot!

This was the first thing we saw when we walked into Steph’s house.
That is a candle with our monogram on it and a bunch of wine corks in a vase holding rustic branches.
Here’s the fireplace!  Again, the corks filled a vase with branches, but they hung pictures of us on the branches.   Along with the monogrammed candles, the gave us the beautiful 8×10 frame and engagement photo.
Just one of the food tables!  All kinds of cheeses, meats, crackers and olives.  
The kitchen table had chicken salad sandwiches on croissants (my fav), pasta salad, caprese salad and the empty plates were for bacon wrapped shrimp that had yet to be put out!  YUMMMMMMM!
This was the outdoor beverage center.  There was also a large, red wheel barrow filled with ice and beer.  Everything was perfect!
Great photo of me and Wade!  
Courtney, Kristen (8 mos prego), Coty, Steph, Sarah
The girls with Wade…what a lucky guy?!?!
Can’t begin to tell you how much love is in this photo!
From left to right; Elizabeth, Sarah, Coty, Bella (Kristen’s 2 yr old daughter), Stephanie, Kristen, Courtney
It was a great time to catch up!
L to R: Courtney’s husband, Wes; Lisa (Brandon’s fiancee’), Brandon (my childhood friend)
Daniel, Courtney, Amanda (Daniel’s wife), Wade and Sarah
The favors were delicious cake balls that matched the invitations.

It was so wonderful to see some of our friends.  There were about 24 people and we really spent the whole evening catching up.  My friend, Brandon, even announced his engagement.  They didn’t really “announce” it.  People just noticed.  His fiancee’, Lisa, was so apologetic and said she didn’t even want to wear her ring because she didn’t want to “steal our thunder.”  I could not have cared less.  I am just so happy for Brandon and it gave us one more thing to celebrate!  Brandon called me this week to say that Wade and I could feel free to announce a pregnancy at their wedding.

We opened gifts and I can’t begin to tell you blessed we are.  You guys have spoiled us rotten!  We got dinero to help fund the wedding, an awesome wine cooler, new bedding and a toaster that will change our lives among many other sweet gifts.  We stayed very late at the Parks’ home.  We didn’t get home until 1AM and I did not move from the couch on Sunday due to a slight hangover.  Poor Wade.  He had to work the Byron Nelson and he was slightly hungover too.

On Monday I went to Shreveport and came back on Tuesday.  I had a great trip and had to cut it a day short because a new dealership is opening in Stephenville, Texas and they needed it measured and floor-planned so they can start doing business.  Work has been really demanding lately, but I actually enjoy the challenges and feel like I’m learning more about the industry every day.  Now, is it an industry I’m particularly fond of?  No, but it’s always good learn.

In fact, as soon as I finished that last sentence, I got a call from my boss and he wanted to let me know that I’m doing a good job and he really thinks my bad month is an anomaly of weather events, economy issues and other things that are way out of my control.  siiiiiiggggghhhhhhhh…that’s a great thing to hear before you go into a long, holiday weekend.  I needed that!

Okay, where were we?  Crazy week at work…

Yesterday we had a huge project come through that required a lot of survey time with dealers.  Wade and I were supposed to go to the Fort Worth Cats Baseball game to support our friend, Chris, who is their new GM.  I spent all day working on this project so I could go to the game and around 4PM I hear the worst sound ever.  The sound of a dog about to puke.  I look out into the foyer just in time to see Archie lose it.  As I was cleaning up the puke, I noticed his mouth looked like he had a golf ball under his lip.  I immediately called the vet and they said I needed to bring him in.  I loaded him up, leaving poor Mack all by herself.  This is a big deal because they are NEVER apart.  I could hear her crying and yelping as I pulled away.  So sad.

We got to the vet and Archie got two shots.  He was so scared, but he was a very good boy.  He hid underneath my chair almost the whole time.  It took 3 people to hold him down for his shots, but he seems to be fine now.  They don’t know what it was, but he’s no worse for the wear.  We even made it back home in time to meet Wade and go to dinner and the baseball game.  It was a blast.  I was laughing because the Rangers only have so many off-days in a season and on one of the few, what do I do?  I go to a baseball game for another team in town!  Who am I?

When we got home, the stupid Heat game was on.  I HATE the Heat.  I went to take a bath and I could hear Wade cheering on stupid, LeBron.  Apparently, he got pretty pumped because he walked into the bathroom and was digging under the sink for a moment.  The next thing I know, he’s STANDING ON THE SIDE OF THE BATHTUB!  He had put powder all over his hands and he did that stupid thing that LeBron does before games right over me.  Ugghh.  Well, at least it was funny.

Now, it’s today and I’m ready for the three day weekend.  Kristen’s husband returns from Afghanistan tomorrow.  He’s been gone 6 months.  I’m so happy for her and just thankful for everything in general right now.  My heart is happy.  There’s no other way to put it.

Okay, that’s it!  You’re caught up!


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