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Oh man…what a week?!?

Last weekend was really nice because we didn’t have a lot to do.  We enjoyed a lot of baseball from the couch.  This week flew by.  My sinuses have been TERRIBLE.  Oh, and that photo I posted on Thursday of my brow wax?

Well, the lady ripped off a million layers of my skin so I had to go to that wedding this weekend at the Adolphus with no eye make-up and lizard skin eyelids.  Not what I had in mind for my day of beauty.  Oh well.  That’ll teach.

We had our first pre-marriage counseling session yesterday morning.  It went well.  It was not anywhere near as heavy as the Unity classes that we took so I think we were both relieved.  We love Pastor Tom and are so thankful that he will be marrying us.  After that, I came home and I slept all day yesterday.  I’ve had this terrible sinus headache behind my right eye.  It makes my ears hurt and I feel like I’m in a tunnel.  It’s dull and throbbing.  I’ve taken everything known to man to kick this thing and I just can’t.  I ended going to that wedding (more on that in a bit) and we came home by 11:30.  I went right to sleep.  We slept until 11:30 and I got up to get dressed for church and just couldn’t do it.  I slept all day again.

Wade has been so great.  He went to get me medicine.  He made dinner for me.  As I type, he’s finishing up vacuuming and that’s after he cleaned our entire bathroom; toilets, sinks and all.  I don’t know what I’d do without such an awesome teammate.  That’s the only way we keep this ship afloat…teamwork.

Now, back to that wedding.  It was for a couple that work at the Rangers.  The ceremony was at Highland Park Methodist and the reception was at the Adolphus.  It was a fancy wedding, but we were particularly excited because we were referred to our wedding planner by the bride, so it was a great opportunity to see what we have in store for our wedding.  Everything was beautiful and Jaime, the wedding planner, even made a point to come and say hello to me and Wade.  There are a couple of stories that just had me in stitches…

First of all, as we were leaving the church, Wade took a wad of gum out of his mouth and threw it out the window.  In a very unguarded moment, I screamed, “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”  I’m so against littering…even it is just a piece of gum.  The look on my face must have been terrible because Wade just looked at me and laughed very hard.

When we arrived at the Adolphus, there was a cocktail hour.  I’ve been to many weddings there and I know the drill and the layout quite well.  I asked Wade to grab a glass of champagne for me while I found our seating assignment.  I was told that they were alphabetical.  I looked and looked and I couldn’t find our table card.  Finally, I called Wade over to help me and this was his response…

“Oh, I saw this spreadsheet up on Kate’s (the bride) computer and I changed the last name to ‘badass.'”  I was horrified, but I laughed so hard.  Apparently, Kate had caught that and we ended up finding our card.

Finally, after a little too long at the cocktail hour (yes, someone asked me if I was pregnant), they let us in to be seated for dinner.  When we got to the table, Wade looked at the centerpiece and said, “Ooohhh, submerged candles!”

I was in shock.  I told our wedding planner and she laughed so hard.  He’s been paying plenty of attention to every detail!  I’m so in love with that guy.  I never feel like I’m on my own…it’s that crazy teamwork thing again and life sure is better that way!  Okay.  That’s all for this week.  I’m going to listen to the sermon from church today and go back to sleep.  Hopefully, I’ll kick this headache because I have a busy week and Wade does too.  The Yankees are in town!!!


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