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Well, a quick update…

We had a great weekend!  On Saturday, we went over to my Grandparents’ house to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday.  We had the best time with them!  I baked some cookies, Wade bought flowers for my Grandma and we got my Grandpa some beer that I hope he likes!  We looked at some of the 1500+ slides that we just had converted to digital photos for the family.  They were so funny!  We really enjoyed our time with them and look forward to our next visit!

Saturday evening, we went to a party to find out the sex of a friend’s baby.  They didn’t know what they were having, but they had a cake made and told the person who made to make the inside of the cake pink if it was a girl and blue if it was a boy.  They had the sonogram in a sealed envelope from the nurse and they gave that to the person who baked the cake.  When they cut the cake, it was PINK!  They were happy and it was a fun night.  Well, other than the fact that Ohio State lost.

We slept very late on Sunday and then went to church around noon.  When we got home, we did tons of yard work.  It looks great and it was a great finish to the weekend. We spent Monday evening playing cards with my mom.  We took the dogs over there and they had a blast.  Mack got in the pool, they both ran around like crazy and they were exhausted when we got home.

I had one of my favorite vendor reps ride with me this morning.  We were in Rockwall, Mesquite and Garland; basically, East Dallas.  I had to cut our day short because my doctor’s office had a cancellation and they were able to get me in today instead of May 7th.  So, we finished up right around 12:30, just as it started pouring rain.  I came home, ate lunch and went to my appoint at 1:45.  I was in the middle of getting my face poked and pinched when we were evacuated to the stairwell.  It was nuts!

We could see the storm rolling in and everyone was frantically dialing their phones and texting loved ones for updates.  My dermatologist is at a medical center in Irving and my gynecologist and chiropractor also office out of that building.  They were all in the stairwell too.  So, I basically spent the tornado with my dermatologist, gynecologist, and chiropractor.  AWKWARD!  Either way, I’m glad Tommy and I cut our day short, or else we would have taken the brunt of the storm just an hour after we left East Dallas.

The drive home from the dr. office was pretty scary.  It was pouring and there were tornado warnings popping up everywhere.  I felt like the sky was crumbling, but I made it home safe and thankfully, the house and dogs are just fine.  We should be done with storms for the night and as usual, they are never as bad as the news makes them seem.

Nellie comes in town Thursday for opening day and we’re getting pretty excited for that.  Lots of cleaning, grocery shopping and planning to do before he lands Thursday morning.

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