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It’s a rainy Monday…YUCK!  I will probably be home today because I don’t really trust my car.  This just means that I’ll have a super-busy rest of the week, but that’s cool.  We had the most relaxing weekend.  On Friday night, I can’t remember what we did.  I’m thinking we didn’t do anything.  Isn’t that terrible?!?

I know that Saturday morning we got up and went to Lowes to buy plants and some stain/protectant for the pergola.  Wade did yard work.  I ran 6 miles and then planted the plants.  We decided to skip our Unity class and just napped and watched basketball all day long.  It was pretty great!  Wade ended up grilling out and we spent the night out on the patio drinking champagne.  It was a great night!

When we got up on Sunday morning, we went to Central Market in Fort Worth for our weekly grocery shopping and then came home and showered so that we could go to my Dad and Marilyn’s house for lunch.  We hadn’t seen them since Christmas so it was great to finally catch up!  We were shocked when we pulled up and saw Sage.  He’s gotten so tall!  We enjoyed burger, fries, beans and great conversation with them!  After a couple of hours, we headed home for some naps with the pups.

It was great to sleep with basketball on in the background and the overcast weather outside.  Around 7PM, we decided to get started on dinner – tacos!  They were fantastic, but I feel sorry for Wade.  He browned the meat and handled the seasoning, etc.  I was like a hawk in the kitchen and I know he just wanted to be left alone.  He is so patient though.  Next time, I’ll probably just duct tape myself to the couch so I can let him cook, as he is perfectly capable of doing so.

We finished off the night with MORE basketball and MORE cuddling with pups.  Oh, how can I forget?  Wade also decided to vacuum at 9:45.  I am one lucky girl!  Wade cooks AND cleans!  Wowza!  He went off to work fairly early this morning and I got up to put a pork butt in the slow cooker.  We’re having pulled pork sandwiches for dinner tonight!  I took the dogs for quick walk as I watched the clouds roll in.  The thunder started just before we got home and, yet, still no rain!  Maybe today will just be a Monday?

Okay, I’m re-considering my day at home.  I’m going to get up and get going.


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