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So, no picture today…I’ll give ya a thousand words instead. The day I’ve dreaded for two weeks is here. I’m sitting at gate A37 waiting to catch a flight to Salt Lake City. I’m scared. After my last flight, my anxiety level is through the roof. Thankfully, I’ve had a busy but relaxing day and haven’t had too much time to think about this. I’m hoping it will help since it’s a later flight too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sleep. I land in SLC at 11:40pm. That’s 1:40 CST so I’ll probably be struggling tomorrow. I can’t wait to just get to that hotel room and be done. The good news is that this is the light at the end of the traveling tunnel. There are no more trips planned until Wade heads to Michigan for his bachelor party in June. We have been going non-stop since Thanksgiving and we both need a break. Things will still be crazy, but at least we’ll be at home! We finish up our Unity classes in two weeks and although we’ve enjoyed them, we’re ready to have our Saturdays back. We have Opening Day right around the corner and I have regional meetings the week after that. Neal will also be in town for the baseball festivities and we’re are so excited for our first baseball season with NO school!!! Wearing with baseball, we have weddings and baby showers in April to keep us busy and the same for May. Oh, yeah! I turn the big 3-0 in May too! YIKES! Wade turns 28 in June and he’ll also have his bachelor party. July is my bachelorette party and my brother’s b-day. With a schedule like this, August 18th will be here before you can blink and that makes me so happy. Wedding stuff is going well. It’s pretty much planned, but there are a few details to take care of here and there. Unfortunately, we’ve had NO time to discuss all the little minutiae that must be taken care of. Maybe it will just take care of itself?!? The dogs are well. I’ve been walking them so consistently that Archie really acts up on days when I’m unable to take them. It’s quite funny. All this rain has kept us inside for the most part, but I’ve gotten them whenever I can. Since I’m gone tonight and Wade doesn’t get back until tomorrow afternoon, Grandma Nancy is spending the night with those monsters tonight and they sure are excited…especially Mack. She just loves her Grandma! It worked out really well that this is my mom’s spring break because we needed her to stay at the house tomorrow so the granite guys can come and get to work on the kitchen. I’m sad that I won’t be able to see it until Wednesday, but I’m so excited that it’s getting done! Obviously, I’ll post pictures! Oh gosh. They keep begging for people to sit in the emergency exit row. This is adding to my anxiety in ways I don’t even want to elaborate on. I so badly want this to be O-V-E-R. I tried to download a movie, but it’s too big. I guess I’ll have to read… Okay, let’s do this! I’m boarding now…safe flight, safe trip to the hotel, safe stay in Utah and safe return… Blessings.

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