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Holy Smokes!  I slept a lot this weekend!  I slept all day once I got home on Thursday.  I went to bed at 11PM on Friday and woke up at noon on Saturday.  Wade and I went out Saturday night so I went to bed at about 1AM and then I slept ’til 2PM.  I ran a few errands yesterday and then came home went back to sleep until 7PM.  That’s a lot of sleep!

My mom’s aunt Winnie passed away over the weekend.  I knew her; not very well, but she was a sweet woman and she was the reason that my mom became a nurse, so she must have been a very neat lady!  I took my mom some KFC on Sunday so she wouldn’t have to cook and it was so strange thinking, “well, my mom is sad, so I’ll take her some fried chicken.”

It just didn’t seem right, but at least we got a laugh out of it!


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