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Well, my photos of the day pretty much explain everything.  That first one is a spaceship that I drive by on my way out to Tawakoni to visit a dealer.  After a bit of asking around, I found out that it has served as a house, a car dealership and a restaurant among other things.  It’s just a strange little thing off the side of a country highway.  My other picture for today is the 11 boxes I got from UPS.  Let me just say that between me and Carolyn Graf, we are keeping UPS in business!  11 boxes.  That’s insane.

I’m excited and a little nervous about going to Vegas on Friday.  I have 26 dealers coming and I’ll be so busy.  I want to sell a lot, not spend money and not drink a lot.  If I can do these three things, the last two of which go hand in hand, it will be a success.  Wish me luck!  Oh, yeah, fasting on top of that…NOT EASY!

I’m actually blogging right now to get my mind off of how hungry I am.  I just want cheese and chips.  AKA carbs and dairy.  Don’t need it though.  I’m excited to have some leftover spaghetti with a dinner roll tonight.  Those carbs should help me out some!

Okay…time to open these boxes…or, just move ’em for now.


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