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So, the new wallpaper on my blog reminds me of the couch my grandparents have in their front living room.  That was my inspiration.  Yep, Grandma, take a look at the design on the blog.  Now, lean over and look into the front room.  That’s the one!

I was over there today looking at about 2,700 old slides.  We are working to get them converted to digital, but it’s a timely and costly process.  It was a great day back to work.  I feel like I got a lot done.  I had my annual women’s wellness exam, went to the grandparents’ house, chatted with my aunt Janelle, my Grandpa and Janelle’s dog, Lloyd.  In fact, that’s my picture of the day today…Lloyd and Alec!

After that, I stopped into 3 accounts, ran to the grocery store, picked up Wade’s alterations at Nordstrom’s, bought some sunglasses (I can’t find mine), dropped off some of my pants at the tailor near the house and then came home to make dinner.  We’re having mahi mahi with mango avocado salsa, cabbage salad and fresh broccoli and carrots.  Dessert is strawberries, oranges and blueberries!

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