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Well, last night I’m pretty sure I battled the taliban in my dreams.  I woke up so stressed out.  I also made the wedding budget work and figured out how to only invite 150 people.  No wonder I felt like I ran 10 miles in my sleep.  It was a hectic night!

Things are going really well though.  Wade and I meet with the wedding coordinator all afternoon today.  I’m really excited about that and that explains my dreams/nightmares about the budget.  We’ve also been getting the house ready for the Graf’s Christmas visit.  We are so excited.  I’ll be picking them up  from the airport on Friday morning between visits to my dealers.  Next week will be a busy work-week for me, as well.  I’m really ready for things to slow down a bit for the holidays.

This past weekend, we celebrated my Grandma’s birthday over at my grandparents’ house.  We had a really great visit with them and in typical “grandma/grandpa fashion,” we did not only give gifts, but we received one, as well!  I got some gorgeous jewelry, some additions for my bouquet, and an incredible candelabra that is going to look spectacular on our dining room table!  Only grandparents GIVE gifts on their birthdays!!!

We also dropped my ring off at the Diamond Doctor on Saturday because I lost a stone in it last week. It happened on Thursday between noon and 5PM.  I was so distraught, but thankfully, it’s getting fixed for free!  After all of that, it was time for Wade’s work Christmas party.  It started off with a great improv show at Four Day Weekend and ended with a steak and lobster dinner at Reata.  It was probably the nicest Christmas party I’ve ever been to!  A couple of glasses of champagne helped me get over the awkwardness of making small-talk with former co-workers, so that was fine too!

Okay, the wedding budget battle rages on (in my head) and I must return to the front/get ready for our meeting!


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