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Winter has arrived in Texas.  Yesterday, it was downright hot outside.  Today, it’s freezing and dreary and I LOVE IT!  A great weekend for some snuggling and movies.  It’s been a busy week with work and wedding planning, but we’re definitely making some big progress.  I’ve started collecting Christmas presents on the dining room table/my wrapping room (Take THAT, Candy Spelling) and the house just feels cozy.

Wade sold a huge account today that he’s been working on since I was with the Rangers.  I know it felt great for him because, even after all this time, it still felt like a victory for me!  He’s so great!!!  We we watched Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix last night.  I think, now that the movies are little darker and more mature, he’s getting into them.  That makes me happy too.  I sent out my official will-you-be-a-bridesmaid notes today (except for one).  I feel good once that’s confirmed.

Wade and I will be having dinner with one of his clients and his wife tonight.  They are our age and I know the client.  It should be a lot of fun.  I’m really looking forward to that!  Tomorrow, we’re going to church and grocery shopping.  It’s gonna be a nice little weekend!


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