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Well, there was broken glass, blood, an out of control fire and knives.  How were the police NOT called?  Really, Thanksgiving went well, but it wasn’t easy.  First of all, waking up at 5:30 was not ideal.  I tried to take a nap once, but I couldn’t because I was too excited.

Anyway, as I had mentioned, the table has been set since Monday (place cards and all)…

I started making the cranberry quinoa and pumpkin cheesecake at about noon on Wednesday and began brining the turkey then, as well.  I was off to a great start.  I even had time to chop and prep everything that I would be making on Thursday.  I woke up at 5:30 to rinse the brine off the turkey and get it in the oven.  I also fed the dogs, ate breakfast, did laundry, dusted more and got started on the other dishes.  When Wade woke up, he vacuumed and did the yard.  The first accident of the day started with the sweet potatoe tort.  It is made in a spring-form pan.  I had it all together, looking great, and decided to move it out of my way.  When I picked it up, the bottom dropped out.  Thankfully, everything fell into position right on top of itself and I was able to re-position the outer edge of the pan to keep everything in place.  Crisis #1: Averted.

Me and my mother peeling potatoes with Archie’s supervision.

Wade decided that we also needed some creamed corn, so he braved the grocery store and came back with a boatload of corn.  I’m glad he did because it was delicious!  At noon, my mom came over to help.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.  She peeled and boiled potatoes, did the stuffing and the gravy.  We were working frantically up until the time the turkey finished (around 1 PM).  Things got even more crazy when Wade decided that we needed shrimp, so he went off to the grocery store for a second time.  He came home with, what I would imagine, half of the entire supply of gulf shrimp to be.  At this point, I was working on the tort and green beans on the island, he was at the sink and Nancy was at the cooktop.  There were too many cooks in the kitchen and that’s when I started to get stressed.

During the height of my private meltdown, the doorbell rang and I almost lost it.  I was able to keep my cool though and, with the help of my mom and Wade, we greeted everyone and managed to keep the dogs from running away.  It was quite a scene.  As soon as everyone was settled in with drinks, my Dad told us that they mistakenly went to our neighbor’s house first.  We laughed so hard because our neighbor is an extremely large black man that was probably just as shocked to see my dad, Marilyn, Sage and my Grandma as they were to see him.  I also got to open a gift that my grandma brought for me.  It was some delicious pumpkin spice candles and some little pilgrim candles that she’s had for more than 30 years.  I cried when I saw them because they really mean “thanksgiving” to me.  I can’t remember a Thanksgiving without them and even though they are just candles, they are great memories for me!

I grew up  with these little pilgrims…aren’t they cute?
Fran can’t believe that they were only $0.39

At this time (1:30 or so), the tort was done and ready to be flipped onto it’s serving platter and put back into the oven to be broiled (so the top gets crispy).  I did just that.  When the timer went off after 5 minutes, I went to the oven and saw that the platter had shattered underneath the tort.  Thankfully, I had put the platter on top of a baking sheet.  I pulled the baking sheet out, put another serving platter on top of the tort, flipped it back over and picked the pieces of glass off the top.  Crisis #2: Averted.

It was getting close to time to eat.  I snapped at my mom a little, Wade too, and continued cooking…

Most everything was done, but the turkey had to be carved.  Wade ran back and forth from the buffet I had set up in the dining room to the microwave, keeping things warm, while I butchered carved the turkey.  It was frustrating.  My mom held the turkey while I carved and, yes, I cut her.  I could not believe it.  She washed her hands, got herself a band aid and was back in business in no time.  Crisis #3: Averted.

Eventually, we got everything on the buffet!  We all stood around the table, Wade said the blessing and then, WE ATE!

Here’s the buffet after everyone went through it.
Please note the damn tort in the front…
The whole family at the table…Grandma Fran, Nancy, Bob, Wade,
Steve, Sage and Marilyn.

Everyone ate and then we went into the living room to watch football.  We all talked for a bit and then Marilyn and my mom did dishes.  Wade helped and that’s probably what I’m most thankful for!  There were so many dishes!!!  We had dessert.  There was my cheesecake and Marilyn brought some delicious fudge.  Then, everyone went home, except for Nancy.  She stayed so we could play some Phase 10.  It was a great ending to a very busy, fulfilling and fun day.  I went right to sleep, too nervous to watch my Longhorns.  I slept well and woke up to the news that the Longhorns won!  Poor Aggy.  HA!

All in all, Thanksgiving went well.  I’m glad there are 364 days until the next one, but it was really great to be able to cook for my family.  This extravaganza was proof to me that food is really much better when someone else cooks it, though.  I liked the food, but I didn’t LOVE it.  Oh well…this one’s in the books and I can always do better next year.  Plus, the turkey kicked a$$ and that’s really what matters most, right?!?!

Hook ‘Em Horns!


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