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We all know that the first step to healing is to admit you have a problem…

Well, I have a problem.  I have a spreadsheet.  It is a timeline specifically for the oven on Thanksgiving day.  Obsessive-Compulsive…maybe?!?  Okay, YES!  I know!  It’s crazy, but it makes me feel better about things.

I am so excited for this holiday!  I can’t wait to have everyone over and then, on Friday, I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas!  We’ve got a fun little weekend planned and I’m just so happy!

I had a very busy/productive day at work today and I’ll do a little bit of work tomorrow.  Wade has a half day so I want to be able to spend the afternoon with him.  I’ll also start my cooking tomorrow.  I’ll make the quinoa (which will be served cold), pumpkin cheesecake (needs to refrigerate for a day) and I’ll brine the turkey.  I’m going to have to get up at 5:45 on Thursday morning to start cooking that bird and I can’t wait. It’s a 20lb turkey and it has NEVER been frozen.  There are no additives, hormones, etc.  It lived it’s life on a real farm and did what real turkeys do, so I feel good about that.  Yes, I paid extra just to know my turkey had a good life.  Positive input = Positive output.


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