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Okay, quick update from last week…

On Thursday, I blew out two tires trying to avoid a squirrel.  That sucked.  On Friday, I vaccuumed the baseboards, corners and anything else I could find and mopped the entire house.  That sucked.

On Saturday, we had our engagement photos taken.  That did not suck.  In fact, it was a blast and we got a ton of great shots.  Trinity played the first round of play-offs at Cowboys Stadium and won, so that was another good thing.  We went over to my mom’s for the best game of Phase 10 yet.  I can’t even begin to describe why it was so great because I will laugh and my stomach is sore from laughing so hard last night.  Seriously.  Sore.  We laughed until we cried several times.

Steph’s in town for our friend, Courtney’s son’s christening.  Wade and I went over to her parents house for an hour to chat and that was nice.  We’ll see her again this afternoon at the christening.  I am fighting a cold or something.  I’m getting excited about Thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to spending the week preparing!

Okay, that’s all I got!  Blessings!

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