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Yesterday was rough.  My first class was an 8:30 class that was pretty challenging.  I was sore from my classes the previous day, but after the class was done, I was glad that I went.  I worked in Denton yesterday and had an incredibly productive day.  I ended up going to a 4:30PM class at the gym for my second class and was pleasantly surprised to see that my favorite sub was there.  This is exactly what I needed.  I was dreading the class.  I got to the parking lot and almost turned around because I didn’t feel well, but I went in and when I saw Francisco, I knew I made the right choice.  This class was more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge and that was great because my body was hurting by this time.

Once I got home, I made dinner.  It was salmon with a marmalade sauce and I made a little mistake that made the dish very salty.  Wade loved it.  I hated it.  After dinner, we went to my mom’s to play Phase 10 (she won…again).  Once we got home, we got in bed, answered a few emails and went to sleep.  Well, at least Wade and the dogs did.  I couldn’t sleep.  My back hurt, I had energy and it just wasn’t happening.  Eventually, I dozed off and woke up feeling very tired and a little under the weather.  I have my first class today at 9:45 and we’ll see how that goes!


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