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So far, great success. I went to a very basic class this morning and a very advanced class this afternoon…a great way to start the week. Not a lot of news today, just enjoying some Monday Night Football with Wade. It’s a big fantasy nit for both of us. My team, Nightmare Bitch, is looking at our first loss of the season and it hurts. Wade’s team is the absolute worst in his league, but he’s a contender because somehow, the lowest scoring tem in the league has managed a reord of 6-3 up to this point. Amazing! Also ridiculous.

There’s a chance I might get 3 yoga classes in tomorrow! Wouldn’t that be great?!? We’ll see though. I have to go to Wichita Falls tomorrow and that trip is very draining. Okay, I’m out for the night. I’ll be cheering on Jermichael Finley from bed!


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