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What a day Saturday was?!?! We honestly had a blast! We slept in and had a guy come over to fix some furniture. Aft that, we took the togs for a mile walk, which we all enjoyed! We went to Sundance Square at 12:30 for a meeting with the catering folks at Chophouse. It went really well and we are so excited to have friends who create such amazing and delicious food to cater our wedding. The menu isn’t set, but it’s gonna be great!

After the meeting, we stuck around at the bar to watch some football and have a few drinks. They weren’t open so it was just the two of us…another great perk. At 2, we walked down to Tobacco Lane for a few cigars and some wine with our dear friend, Brad. He treated us to a tasting of a $2,000 bottle of Port from 1975. It was delicious. We smoked a couple of cigars and had a great time with Brad. I had asked him if he could special order a nice bottle of champagne and he asked me why. I explained that I would like to have guests sign the bottle instead of a guest book at the wedding (because who really does anything with a guest book???). He said that he wasn’t going to let us spend money on that and he directed me to grab an exact replica of the bottle I wanted from the window at the front of the store. He gave it to us and saved us about a grand.

After our cigars, we went across the street to Jake’s for some burgers. Yes, I had a burger and it wasn’t even good. I’ll be ready to get back to eating healthy in Monday! After our dinner, we walked to the water gardens and scouted locations for our engagement photos next weekend. We walked all over downtown Fort Worth on Saturday! It was glorious! From the Water Gardens, we went to Four Day Weekend to meet our friend David and see about hosting our rehearsal dinner there. Of course he said that we could have run of the place. He treated us to some drinks and while he and Wade talked baseball, I headed across the street to meet Bob and Nancy. I brought them upstairs and we caught David’s 7:30 show as a late celebration for my mom’s birthday. We had a blast. We got home around 9:30 and went right to bed.

Archie and Mack were excited to see us and they played along with the whole “sleep” thing until 3AM, when they decided it was time to play. I brought them downstairs and they played until 4:30. At that point we went back upstairs and slept until it was time for church. This is what I woke up to at 8AM…

What a way to wake up?!?  Such a sweet little family!

Somehow, Wade and I were able to escape all the cuteness and wet kisses to go to church. As usual, it was a great service and we both enjoyed it. After church we grocery shopped together at Central Market in Southlake. We’re making that our new Sunday routine and our first try was a great success! When we got home, I took a nap and Wade dealt with the cable guy. I woke up. We have awesome cable and we’re gonna to my mom’s for dinner. All in all, a pretty good weekend!!!

My goal for next week is 2 yoga classes a day every day next week!


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