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Well, things did not end as well as I would have hoped, but this fast definitely served its purpose.  I learned a lot  and look forward to a much longer juice fast on January 1st.  I’ll just put it out there…I had a chicken chimichanga with queso for lunch yesterday.  That’s not fasting.  That’s not juice.  And, it isn’t even pescetarian.  That’s okay though…we’ll get ’em next time.

Wade got off work early yesterday and we really enjoyed our lunch together.  Friday’s like that are such a sweet surprise!  After a long lunch, we came home and cleaned all the bathrooms.  It was a very productive and fun day.  Around 6PM, my mom came over and we played cards until 10:30.  It was great.  My stomach is sore from laughing and Wade and Nancy make fun of ME!

This morning, I slept in until 9 and then made breakfast.  We had eggs over easy on toast with a slice of pumpkin roll (I made it last night…YUM).  We just got back from a 1 mile walk with the dogs and at 12:30 we leave to go meet with the caterer for the wedding.  Tonight, we’re going to 4 Day Weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday and that will be a blast!  Tomorrow, we’ve got church, new grocery shopping ritual (Central Market in Southlake after church…together) and then, we are getting our new, awesome satellite set up for the TV (that was our Christmas gift to ourselves).  Busy, yet productive weekend and a ton of fun on top of that!


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